The field of sports is full of uncertainties. Uncertainty is an integral part of sports. Sometimes you snatch victory from the jaws of defeat and sometimes you go down like nine pins. But, there is nothing glorious about some uncertainties in the field of sports. On November 27, flags flew half-mast at cricket grounds in Adelaide. A day’s play in a test at sharjah was suspended, heads bowed in prayer at a hospital in Sydney and tears dripped off twitter feeds and Facebook posts around the world.

The 25 year old Phillip Joel Hughes slipped away to what one can only hope is a better place. He left the world poorer in his passing and that to at a time when he should have had his whole life ahead of him. He passed away just 3 days shy of his 26th birthday. It must be brought to notice that Hughes was a talented batsman. He had 25 first class centuries to his credit. Hughes made his test debut for Australia in 2009. After a silent beginning, Hughes became the youngest cricketer after sir Son Bradman to score a century in his second international test match and the youngest of all to score two centuries in the same match.

The young son of banana farmers from the county of Macksville was earmarked for stardom and yet stayed true to his county roots and was described as being unfailingly humble and polite. It is important to keep these thoughts in mind on this dark day when we don’t have even a single word to express our grief and a flood of emotions makes us realize that we have lost something which can never be regained.

Anything one says about Phillip Joel Hughes would be an exercise in futility for what can be meaningful about the death of a young chap hardly 25 years old. Cricket fans all across the globe are in utter shock. Sports fans all over the world have one thing in common, they bestow their heroes with unreasonable characteristics and often burden them with unreal expectations. The death of Hughes comes as an unwelcome reminder that each one of us is not so much living life but cheating death everyday.

Spare a thought for the poor Sean Abbott. The 22 year old youngster was merely doing what he does everyday. The young seamer cannot be blamed, this is where the fate played its part. Everyday, we come back home and smile thinking that we have befooled death but we forget that death is inevitable. It is bound to come someday or the other.

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