When I was 10 years old, I had asked my father: ” who is a Muslim? and who is a Hindu?”. He frowned for a while and replied that there is no Hindu or Muslim for we all are the sons of the same almighty. 10 years have passed since then and for all these 10 years I couldn’t understand the meaning of the answer which my father had given me that day. But suddenly, a few days back I understood the meaning of the answer my father had given me.

Yes, today I can proudly say that I am neither a Hindu nor a Muslim, neither a Sikh nor a Christian. Today, I strongly believe that there are two broad categories of people in this world. Human beings and  demons. A majority of us are human beings. Human beings are touched by joys and sorrows, sometimes we laugh our throats out and sometimes we cry our eyes out. We try to find happiness in the smallest of things and are ready to help others for the sake of humanity. Yes, I can proudly claim that I am a human being.

There are some incidents in the books of human history where humanity has triumphed. But sadly, there are some incidents which are like a scar on the face of humanity. One such event is of course the brutal carnage of innocent school children in the city of Peshawar where as many as 141 people were brutally murdered by the terrorists of tariq e Taliban. Most of them who died were Innocent school children.

Well, let me be very clear that I am on neither of the sides. I don’t support anyone. But, I would like to ask a simple  question from those who killed those innocent souls.
And the question is: ” what sort of a revenge and moreover, what sort of a victory is it? A victory celebrating death and destruction? A victory with no survivors?

They call it jihaad, the Allah’s order but surprisingly, not even a single religion in this world gives the liberty to slain innocents. I would like to tell them it wasn’t an act of bravery and neither was it an act in favour of jihaad. It was a cold blooded murder, a cold blooded carnage. Bloodshed can never be a solution to anything for it only adds to the misery and the grief.

But on the other side of the coin, I can say that the terrorists who killed those innocent school children actually won. They won quite a lot of things, to start with, they won the cries of those who were killed, next they won the screams of those terrified souls, next they won the tears and hauls of the mothers who lost their sons and daughters in the brutal killing spree. Well, now can claim that terrorism has no religion other than hatred and ignominy. At the end of it I can only say: ” I’ve lost my faith in humanity”.

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