A childish attempt to play with fire…..

For most part of my life, I was considered to be an extremely rebellious and audacious guy. I loved the taste of power. I loved dominating and overshadowing others. My love for power and authority grew with age. I always loved carving out new paths and roads for people to walk on them.  I always loved setting examples. I was concerned about power, the power to be superior and the power that allows a person to superimpose oneself on others. Continue reading “A childish attempt to play with fire…..”

Figments and illusions…..

Well, for the past many days, I have been wasting my time sitting in front of a computer editing useless stories one after the other, day in and day out. I have been trying extremely hard to correct them,to make them absolutely error free. But unfortunately for me, I haven’t been successful in my  attempts perhaps because recurring failures seem to have overpowered me. Failures?, Oh I beg your pardon. Actually, It is not a case of recurring failures that has let me down. When I had a closer look at this trauma, I realized that these failures have occurred largely because of  half-hearted attempts. When I look at myself, I find myself stuck in troubled waters. Continue reading “Figments and illusions…..”