Well,It is that time of the year when cricket fans all across the world will have there eyes glued to television screens. The cricket fever is bound to engulf the world.The lines have been drawn,the stage is set and the warriors are all in readiness to fight for glory.

There are some well balanced sides coming into this world cup. Australia,for instance are the most well balanced side courtesy of there explosive openers David Warner and Aaron Finch. Australian tracks are extremely batting friendly if you see off the new ball early on. Cricket is largely considered to be a batsman’s game and there are many modern day batsmen who have the courage and the ability to win the game for their side almost single-handedly. Let us take a look at players who are likely to have a major impact on world cup 2015. So,here we are-

Virat Kohli(India)- Well, the name is enough,no need to remind you all what this lad from Delhi is capable of. He is a one man army as far as his batting is concerned. A wide range of strokes,both of the front foot as well as the back foot make him a lethal weapon.His “on the face of it temperament” acts as an icing on the cake. He has been team India’s saviour on many occasions in the recent past. In the recently concluded test series against Australia, Kohli was one of the very few bright spots for India notching up four centuries in as many tests. He faltered in the limited overs format. But with Kohli, one thing is quite certain, you can expect him this braveheart to go all guns blazing when it matters. He is a big match player and a lot is expected from Kohli.

AB De Villiers (South Africa): The most valuable player on the planet is here.He is aggressive, he is defensive,he is smart and handsome too. A live wire on the field and one of the most destructive batsmen in the modern day game, that is AB Se Villiers ladies and gentlemen. This lad from south Africa has the record for notching up the quickest ODI century on the planet off just 30 deliveries. Se Villiers is known for his vast array of shots right from the classical textbook cover drive to the 20-20 style lap hits,paddle sweeps and many other strokes. No ground is too big when De Villiers gets going. When on song,he’ll thrash the bowlers to all parts of the ground. The proteas skipper is surely going to be the South Africa’s man to watch out for.

Glenn Maxwell (Australia): Let us get some fireworks going because when Maxwell’s out there, it is bound to get heated up.This 26 year old hit machine is surely a bowler’s worst nightmare. His stint with the IPL team Kings XI Punjab turned him into a star overnight. When Maxwell is on song, you got to be careful, not only as a bowler but also if you are there in the crowd as well because when Maxwell hits them, they stay hit. Don’t go by his physique. He can hit a cricket ball and he can hit it long, hard and all the way into the stands. This hitman from Australia is a fire cracker, not only with the willow in hand but also on the field. He can chip in with the crucial overseas with the bowl in hand as well.

Kumar Sangakarra(Sri Lanka): A Sri Lankan team without Sangakarra would be like a person eating Masala Dosa without Sambar. You cannot judge a player like Sangakarra on the basis of his recent performances. A player of Sangakarra’s stature is capable of taking the game away from the opposition single handedly. Apart from his wide array of strokes ranging from the trademark Sangakarra cover drive to the hooks and the pulls, he can play almost every shot mentioned in the textbooks. A man having excellent technique and a cool head, The 37 year old is Sri Lanka’s veteran batsman. Oh beg your pardon, I forgot to mention that he is the man with bucket hands when he is behind the stumps. Well, he may be 37 years old but age is just a number.

Chris Gayle (West Indies): Some more fireworks for you guys out there. The burly- surly dynamo from Jamaica is undoubtedly every cricket lover’s hero and of course, every bowler’s nightmare. The 6 and half feet tall Gayle is quite capable of taking the bowlers for a thrashing. If you want to send parcels, just give them to Gayle and he’ll wack them off to all parts of the world. When Gayle is batting in full swing,then entertainment is guaranteed. No mountain is high enough to conquer when Gayle gets going. Batting appears to be the easiest thing in the world when Gayle is there.A master of the limited overseas format, the West Indian run machine is an indomitable force.

Ian Bell (England): With the England side in a spot of bother over the ideal playing combination, Ian Bell is surely the man to England will bank upon in this hour of need. The 32 year old middle order batsman from  the county of Warwickshire will have the responsibility of giving England off to a good start. He has been in the best of forms recently, scoring a 100 against Australia in the Carlton mid tri Series. This team from England lacks experience and Bell will have to play a mature role everytime he comes out to bat. His average of nearly 40 is enough to prove his worth up the order as an opener. Ian Bell may not be as aggressive as other modern day English cricketers but his excellent technique and good running between the wickets makes him a lethal weapon in the largely fragile English batting line up.

Ahmed Shehzad (Pakistan)- Another youngster who came into the public eye after performing well in the U-19 world cup. Ahmed Shehzad’s presence at the top of the order gives a lot of fire power to the Pakistani batting line up which otherwise looks quite depleted. This lad from Pakistan is similar to India’s Virat Kohli both in terms of appearance as well as in terms of batting ability. His average of close to 35 may not be enough to prove is potential but he is undoubtedly the backbone of Pakistan’s inexperienced batting line up comprising of youngTurks. The cricket experts haven’t included Shehzad on their list of Batsmen to watch out for in World Cup 2015. Well, they may soon be found regretting.

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