For most part of my life, I was considered to be an extremely rebellious and audacious guy. I loved the taste of power. I loved dominating and overshadowing others. My love for power and authority grew with age. I always loved carving out new paths and roads for people to walk on them.  I always loved setting examples. I was concerned about power, the power to be superior and the power that allows a person to superimpose oneself on others.

Then, as the years rolled by, I realized that there are two broad categories of powers in the world. One is the power of the pen and the other is the power of the swords and the guns, both of them remain in constant rebellion with one another. Both of them tend to remain at sixes and sevens with each other perhaps because of the conflicting ideologies. The Pen tends to change people’s perception through valid reasons; some of us call it rationalism. On the other hand, the swords and the guns tend to change perceptions and beliefs through force.

Men, for most part of history, have decided to go either with the gun or with the pen. Men aren’t powerful enough to handle the gun and the pen simultaneously. And then suddenly out of nowhere, I saw a third category of power, which was way superior to men. It had the strength to handle the gun and the pen simultaneously. Well, to my utter shock, it could even handle men. I won’t take much of your precious time to disclose its name, it is woman, who is stronger than bthe gun and the pen as well and yet she stays tied down to the ground with her wings clipped.

 Women are similar to fire. Just as the fire gives us warmth when we stand close to it, women too, in the form of mothers tend to give warmth and relief to their children. The tenderness of strong arms of a mother is perhaps the best of feelings for the children but the moment when a mother gets to know or realizes that her children are surrounded by danger, she happens to break out like wild fire and destroy everything that comes in her way.

 I strongly believe that women are free birds and no trap or net has the power to ensnare them. Women are free with an independent will. I believe women are foolish to some extent; yes they are foolish to pretend that they are inferior to or even equal to men. The truth however is that they are far superior to men and  have always been. Sometimes I get this feeling that women deliberately choose to act like fools because somewhere at the back of their minds they know that men don’t like to be commanded by women, especially in male dominant countries like India. Envy,jealousy and self-centered nature are no doubt a girl’s best make up. A majority of girls prefer negative and pessimistic thoughts at first place probably because they feel insecure.

Moving further, I believe women are mild and gentle. A greater degree of mildness at times makes  women vulnerable.  Women interestingly,are the strangest of creatures to understand. They can fight and win over the biggest of problems but are scared of lizards, they have the courage to bear the direst of pressures but tend to cry when you scold them, no matter how much they fight, but once you reach home, they’ll surely serve you hot food.

Pardon me if you feel that I am trying to cross my limits but I would like the boys to know that women are not toys. Just because women are mild and gentle does not give you the right to take them for granted and exploit them. Well, many of you may disagree with me but my belief keeps on growing stronger that a woman does not require a bedroom to prove her womanliness. The tender arms of a mother are enough for a son to realize that a women is there by his side.

I just don’t understand why in the world do we underestimate women,I mean  a young girl gathers the courage to leave her family and go and live in a different house after she gets married, she even changes her surname:-)  To go out there and adjust in completely different conditions, now that is something that really takes a lot of courage and chivalry.

 Women don’t mind being dominated for they know that men can’t live without them. Women don’t have this habit of bragging about themselves. Better ask your mother if you disagree with me. The biggest difference between men and women is that Women, as mothers can love their children till the time they are alive but men, as sons can love mothers only at times.

I have always heard people saying that behind every successful man there is bound to be a great mother or a great wife But it would be interesting to see how many women have had great husbands or fathers standing right behind them. There wouldn’t be many of them to be honest.

So, I guess I have said quite a bit and any further attempts of mine to understand women would certainly turn out to be futile.

Well, at the end of it all, I can sum up everything I have said till now in a space of two lines:

Women can be anything and everything, but they just prefer to be women and that is all…..

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