I’ve got a picture; I’ve got an 8×10….

 For the past one week or so, I’ve been trying to click photographs. Ah, I am not at all good at taking pictures. I am perhaps the worst in the business when it comes to clicking photographs. Sometimes, the frame goes horribly wrong. If the frame happens to be rightly set, then the composition goes wrong. And if, in the rarest of cases everything goes right then I don’t know why and how the picture turns out be an extremely substandard one. By substandard, I mean to say a blurred image. Well, Photography is not at all meant for dreamers like me. But I still enjoy clicking random photographs without bothering much about the technical aspects of photography. Continue reading “I’ve got a picture; I’ve got an 8×10….”

A Turn Of Fortunes For The Men In Blue….


“Cricket is a game of uncertainties”, the men in blue have just proved this statement right once again. Till a month ago the Indian team was reeling in tatters. The Men in blue were being outplayed in Australia. The winless tour of Australia had given rise to countless questions regarding the ideal playing combination. Ms Dhoni’s captaincy in the limited overs format had also come under a lot of scrutiny. Moreover, MS Dhoni’s sudden retirement from the test match arena had also hinted towards a possible rift within the teammates. Continue reading “A Turn Of Fortunes For The Men In Blue….”