Manesar, for most part of history was considered to be a rural village. The village is located on National Highway 8, a highway which connects the city of Delhi with the city of Jaipur. The town of Manesar was a sparsely populated town till the late nineties but, surprisingly, the town has undergone significant changes over the past few years.

The village which was considered a rural town with limited opportunities till a few years back is now believed to be one of the fastest growing industrial townships in the state of Haryana.
The town has witnessed significant rise in development primarily because of the increasing number of factories which are being established in the area. Some of the world’s leading brands have already set up production units in Manesar and surprisingly, a countless number of other MNC’s are planning to set up their factories in Manesar as well.

The town of Manesar has garnered attention over the recent land acquisition by the government of Haryana and the  consequent  protests by the farmers.  The government wants to acquire around 1800 acres of land near the IMT n order to establish IMT2.

  A countless number of villagers from as many as seven villages namely Kasan, Bhaskhusla, Mokalwaas,Khardi,Pukharpur, Baslambi and Kukudurla have joined hands with an aim to stop the government of  Haryana from converting large areas of arable land into industrial hubs and that too at brisk pace. Because of rapid industrialization, the agricultural production in the town of Manesar has seen a drastic decline. Furthermore, the farmers have also stated that because of rapid industrialization, the city of Manesar is expected to lose around 14,000 acres of fertile arable and cultivable land.

Well, if we look at the city of Manesar through a critical perspective then we’ll realize that for any city to grow and develop industrialization is required and the case of Manesar is no exception. According to some recent surveys conducted in the area, Manesar has already started taking giant strides in the field of real estate and realty. The town is believed to be one of the The  hot favourite investment locations in India. The sector-1 in IMT  Manesar, for instance is  a developed residential sector in the city with more than 500 residential plots and some 50 group housing plots as well.

The Future:
The city of Manesar has already started out on its journey to become a large residential and industrial hub. It won’t be wrong to say that the city is on its way to becoming a large industrial town from a meagre village lying in the outskirts of a state to a largely lavish industrial township. After the establishment of IMT industrial area in Manesar, the city has presented a classic example of growth.

The Delhi- Mumbai industrial corridor is a project sponsored by the government. The project is an extremely ambitious project which aims to establish industrial zones across as many as six states in India. The project will certainly encourage the growth of infrastructure and industry in these six states across which the project is scheduled to take place. The project will also  connect Manesar to rest of the industrial towns through a large network of railways, airports and roadways. Pleasantly, the project has received a much needed boost after india and Japan have signed an agreement to ,set up a fund for the same. The initial investment would be of  1,000 crore.

So, all in all, the city of Manesar has set out on its journey to challenge some of the country’s biggest and the most lavish industrial and residential hubs like Gurgaon and Noida.  Some real estate experts don’t consider Manesar as a potential industrial  and residential hub. However, with the extent of development taking place in the region, they might soon be found regretting.

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