Well, director Anurag Kashyap is back with yet another directorial venture. This time with Ranbir Kapoor and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. The film is set in the late 1960’s in the city of Bombay. Karan Johar has played the role of a typical Bollywood baddy of the 1960’s. Let us take a closer look at the film and see what’s in store for the viewers.


The year is 1969 and the city is Bombay. A young and charming street Johnny Balraj ( Ranbir Kapoor) dreams of becoming a one shot. He is used by a powerful and ruthless business magnate Kaizad Khambata( Karan Johar). Johnny Balraj and his friend Chimman manage Khambhata’s Bombay Velvet nightclub where Rosie ( Anushka Sharma) works as a jazz singer. Things turn ugly when Jimmy Mistri, a socialist uses Rosie to get his hands over a photograph which Johnny uses to blackmail a minister. What follows that is a game of snakes and ladders. Will Johnny be able to stop Kaizad Illegal tasks and reunite with Rosie? Well, the answer is not that difficult to find……


Anurag Kashyap has done a reasonably good job as a director.  The director, who is known for films like ugly and The Gangs of Wasseypur has tried extremely hard to bring back the old world charm of late 1960’s.The plotline tends to be a bit too predictable at times but still manages to keep the viewers hooked and guessing. The movie is studded with countless shades of gray and black as you would expect from an Anurag Kashyap film. The cinematography is quite sharp with a lot of detailing. The cinematographer has succeeded in his attempt to recreate the vintage world.  The plot wobbles at times between love, crime, gun battles and corruption drama. All in all, the storyline is gripping but tends to leave the viewers with a lot to think over at the end of it all.


Composer Amit Tivedi has done a fair enough job. The soundtrack reflects the old world charm of the 1960’s, the jazz era of Bollywood. The song “Fifi” ( Jaata kahaan hai Deewane) been recreated quite nicely by Mickey Mcleary . The film’s soundtrack cannot be considered as chartbuster stuff. But all in all, Amit Trivedi has done complete justice with the musical aspects of the film. The music gives you a feel of Bombay during the 1960’s. Lyrics have been penned by Amit’s frequent collaborator Amitabh Bhattacharya .


Ranbir Kapoor gives a power packed performance. He smashes it like the angry young man of the 1960’s. His melting eyes stay with you. The actor has infused a lot of energy and thrill into the film. The fight scenes and the gun battles make him look like Raj Kapoor, his grandfather. Anushka impresses as Rosie, the club singer. The actress has given a mature performance and fits into the role quite nicely. But the star of the show remains Karan Johar. He debutante looks quite wicked and devilish while playing Kaizaad Khambata. The director turned actor’s performance can be considered as a surprise package. The dialog delivery was also quite okay as far as Kjo is concerned.

Overall Review:

The film takes you to the old world streets of Bombay. The film is quite different from all those power packed masala Friday releases. It is enjoyable in patches but has gray shades too. The film is so intensely stylized that it misses out on emotional pull. Certain scenes like Johnny Balraj’s fight sequences feel stretched. But you are bound to enjoy it if you are tired of watching all those Dhishum-Dhishum action flicks. It is certainly a onetime watch…..

Rating: ***1/2

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