The music within…..

I often wonder, what would life be without music? It would certainly be a very quiet place. Music is, in many ways the fabric of our lives. It is something which gives definition to a society and culture. It is an indication of how things are, and a view of where the society is headed. Music can be a way of delivering messages, a poetic art or simply a source of entertainment. Continue reading “The music within…..”

Two minutes of sheer mayhem….

Well, I guess every one of us has a memory related to Maggi, the 2 minute noodles. Frankly speaking, I too have some sepia tinted memories of the product. A plateful of maida ornamented with some peas and chopped carrots. I believe all of us are connected to the brand in some or the other manner.  Our association and love for Maggi presents a rather nostalgic and a largely youthful side of our lives.  Maggi was something which connected the youngsters. As teenagers, a pot full of boiling water and a magical tastemaker were enough to get even the clumsiest of us into our kitchen in our boxers. Continue reading “Two minutes of sheer mayhem….”