According to an age old saying: “Exercise is to body what reading is to the mind” and a study conducted by a university based in Washington DC has proven that exercises enhancing endurance can help prevent cognitive decline. People training for endurance events such as marathons, half marathons often spend a considerable amount of time on their feet pounding out the miles. Research has shown that working out for shorter durations can provide some additional benefits to increase endurance. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of shorter workouts that help you enhance your endurance.

Ideally, endurance sports training aims at maximizing fatigue resistance and improving overall aerobic and anaerobic conditioning as well as strength and speed.

In addition, you want to change the way your body utilizes or replaces the premium endurance fuel, glycogen. When you fatigue, your movement patterns become less efficient and form often tends to go “out of the window”. Short workouts can really count. As you repeat movements in shorter bursts you become more efficient at them. While preparing for endurance events, a mix of the following is ideal: High volume training which includes training for a long session over an extended period of time.

Shorter low intensity sessions which include around 20 minutes of gentle training Shorter high intensity sessions which include 20 minutes of all out or interval training Cross training which includes strength training, trail running, cross fit and free running.

Short burst workouts increase your endurance by adding to your glycogen turnover. Weekly training volume is often a great predictor of endurance performance rather than the distance of long training run.

If we look at the equation in simple words, you’ll realize that you could benefit from running your 50 miles a week in more frequent shorter distance runs than increasing your maximum distance and running less miles a week.

The theory behind why this practice improves endurance is by the repeated depletion of muscle glycogen stores in training.A heavy week of training will result in a greater volume of glycogen depletion in the muscles and hence enhancing the degree and extent of endurance. So, it would not be wrong to say that a 20 minute workout is a great way to add glycogen depleting to your training week. The types of short cross training for runners are becoming extremely broad, adding crossfit or free running to your training schedule can boost your endurance quite significantly.

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