You must have heard this quite often:” I am an ordinary housewife”. Remarks like this have become quite common among a group of women who seem to suffer from low self-esteem just because of the fact that they are housewives.

Most of the women in today’s world are taking giant strides and making a mark for themselves but surprisingly, there are many women who feel that their lives are just passing by.Well, the daily routine of an Indian housewife is: to wake up early and to prepare breakfast and pack lunch for her husband and children. Then she sends her children to school, comes back and prepares lunch for the family.

To be very frank and honest, the power and the significance of a housewife is never to be underestimated and taken for granted as she plays a very important role in the society. The reason why I am saying this is because some of the life’s bounties which are offered on the platter are often taken for granted. It won’t be wrong to say that sometimes, even a housewife herself, fails to understand her true worth. I strongly believe that most of us have a largely distorted image of a housewife in our minds.

Being a housewife or a homemaker is something which requires a lot of strength, both physical and mental. Sometimes, a sense of frustration is bound to creep in when a housewife witnesses the world passing by. Sometimes, the feel and need to have money of her own makes her feel shrunk and somewhat demotivated. A kind of inferiority complex tends to engulf a housewife when she meets some of her friends. So, it can be said that a majority of housewives feel that they’ve been left out of the cycle.

But, every coin has got a flip side. Ironically, a housewife’s daily schedule happens to be jam-packed.She does not even pause for a moment. A majority of housewives don’t realize the fact that they are a central part of the family. It is quite heartening to see that though slowly and gradually, but people have finally realized the importance of a housewife. These days, housewives are called homemakers.

This term has born out of the realization that a homemaker keeps the entire home together. She is someone who makes home a place worth living. She is a focal point around which the entire home revolves.

A change in the present set of attitudes is the need of the hour. A housewife needs to remove the cobwebs from her mindset. Homemaker women need to realize their true substance and should walk with their heads held high. And for those of us who still believe that women are nothing but dumped doormats, I would like to tell them about my mother. My mother is someone who guides me through the rocky terrains of life. I still remember the times when she smiled back at me through her tears, trying to gear me up for the countless challenges of life. She is a symbol of courage, hope and strength. She happens to be a ray of hope .A ray of hope? Oh, I am extremely sorry, she happens to be the whole of the sun’s shine to me.

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