3 AM: The hour of the walking dead….

In many cultures across the globe, 3AM is considered to be the darkest time of the night, when supernatural forces such as demons, ghosts and evil spirits are said to be most active and powerful. Many people across the globe have reported supernatural happenings during the Devil’s hour i.e. 3AM.  According to the Bible, the Jesus having been crucified, died on the cross at 3PM. So, 3AM is believed to be the negative reflection or mockery of this. Hence it is known as the Devil’s hour.

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Empty spaces….

I used to remain extremely depressed when I was some 18 years old. Yes, you can say that I was a loner, I felt lonely in a crowded room filled with unknown people than I felt on my own. I would go to my apartment and just sit there. It used to be quiet, lonely and still. The sound of the moving fans in my room used to break the shackles of silence. I had a television in my room and I would deliberately leave it on all the time just to feel that somebody was there with me all the time. The years have rolled by and today, I am 21 years old but my situation happens to be quite similar to what it was three years ago. The biggest irony in the world is to be known by a million people and yet be so terribly lonely. Continue reading “Empty spaces….”