In many cultures across the globe, 3AM is considered to be the darkest time of the night, when supernatural forces such as demons, ghosts and evil spirits are said to be most active and powerful. Many people across the globe have reported supernatural happenings during the Devil’s hour i.e. 3AM.  According to the Bible, the Jesus having been crucified, died on the cross at 3PM. So, 3AM is believed to be the negative reflection or mockery of this. Hence it is known as the Devil’s hour.

Well, a very good friend of mine once showed me a picture of yin and yang. At first, that picture looked like any other ordinary picture to me. But, when I looked at the picture through a critical perspective, I realized that a picture of yin and yang symbolizes opposite forces like Man and woman, Night and day, beautiful and ugly and of course, the god and the devil.

In most comic books I’ve read, the devil appears to be a cute, benign and tempter, pushing you to do something that is fun or a little bit wrong. In reality however, the devil happens to be quite cunning and demonic. Now, the big question that still lurks out there on the window is: Who is the devil?

Well, in popular texts, the devil has not been described as the god’s counterpart, because god has no equal, no opposite. God has always existed, and everything else that exists now, including angels, have been created by god. Devil is believed to be an angel who rebelled against god. He is an enemy, not only of god but also of the humankind. He is said to be relentless in his mission, to kill, destroy and enslave us. Our adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.

The devil’s power is nothing when compared to the god’s might yet, he poses a huge threat to humankind, and has the power to ruin and annihilate a person’s life. The devil has one primary tactic to deceive us. The devil seeks to deceive and mislead nations, individuals. He often twists and distorts the truth and there happens to be immense power in his lies.

Satan or the so called devil succeeded in persuading Eve to pluck and eat the forbidden fruit. Satan deceived Eve by convincing her that god was withholding something wonderful from them ( from Adam and Eve). He told that the fruit would make them like god. The problem was, it wasn’t true. Adam and Even believed Satan’s lie, rather than what god told them. It led to horrible and largely catastrophic consequences as we all know. Now, that is exactly how the devil or the Satan operates. He distorts the truth in order to harm the person.

Satan’s biggest desire is keep people miles away from god. Look how Satan deceives you: “God does not love you. Just look at all the problems you have. If god loved you, you would not have had these problems”. Furthermore, the Satan argues that god makes a child lame and blind, yet he’s a symbol of hope. He makes human beings land in miserable situations yet, he’s believed to be the protector of mankind.

Some of you may find it hard to believe but to be very honest, on one fine occasion; I succeeded in getting in touch with the devil. He flew through my mind in one of my dreams during a cold wintery night in December and surprisingly, both of us ended up striking a conversation.

As our conversation progressed, we jumped from one issue to the other. And then, out of nowhere, both of us started harping over the existence of god. I told him that god happens to be the apex source of power and strength. But he rebelled against my opinion and told me something which made me speechless.

And whatever he said is as follows: “Your god is there only because of me and moreover, my impact happens to be way stronger than god not only in hell but also in the world of the living. On earth, people are forcefully dragged towards god. People are made to worship god against their will. But, as far as I am concerned, I don’t need unnecessary promotion in the form of temples and churches in order to make my presence felt. People get attracted towards me because they are tired of begging in my front of god.

No matter how deceptive the devil might sound, it seems to be making some sort of sense on this occasion. After all:

“We are not god loving people, we are god fearing people….”

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