I always prefer writing with a tinge of gray in it.  Frankly, there is so much of Gray in every story I write. Nothing, absolutely nothing is so black and white. There are infinite shades of gray in every story written. Yet, the art of writing appears so black and white. Well, to be very honest, I like it when I get stranded between the grey areas in life.  They are certainly the most uncomfortable place to be. Nobody likes to be in that in-between state where there don’t know what’s going to happen. There’s a lot of tension in that, and a lot of stuff to choose from, where you find yourself caught in the dichotomy of the situation.

“When I was a little chap, everything in the world fell into either of these two categories. These were wrong or right, black or white. Now that I am an adult, I have put childish things aside and now I know that some things fall into wrong and some things fall into right. Some things are categorized as black and some things are categorized as white. But most things in the world aren’t either because surprisingly, most things in the world aren’t black, aren’t white, aren’t wrong, aren’t right, but most of everything is just different. And now I know that there’s nothing wrong with different, and that we can allow things to be different, we don’t have to try to make them black or white, we can just allow them to be gray. And when I was a child, I thought that we, as human being choose either black or white. Now that I am no longer a child, I can see, that we, as human beings, never end up choosing black or white because of the fact that we always choose gray and there’s nothing wrong in choosing gray.

 Everything is not black and white. I’m really interested in the gray area. Ah, let me tell you beforehand that I am not justifying it, not glorifying it, not condoning it, but at least having people see there’s a genesis for every event in our lives. There’s some divine order to it, whether it’s ugly or beautiful. People talk about the middle of the road as though it were unacceptable. Actually, all human problems, excepting morals, come into the gray areas. Things are not all black and white. There have to be compromises. The middle of the road is the entire usable surface and the extreme right and the left sides happen to be in the gutters.

I strongly believe that nothing, absolutely nothing in this world is absolute (complete). Therefore, when it comes to desire, which happens to be an integral part of human psychology, things are neither black nor white but gray. It is often said that compromise in colours is Gray and that is exactly what we keep on doing in our lives as well. Day in and day out we keep on trying to put the broken pieces together.

 I try to write about real experiences, real people, In other words flawed characters. I find flawed characters much more interesting than perfect ones and enjoy the challenge of making readers root for them in spite of their unsympathetic path and destructive choices. Life is about the gray areas. Things are seldom black and white, even when we wish they were and think they should be, and I really like to explore this terrain which by far, happens to be largely uneven and uncertain. Life, to a large extent is uncertain and therefore, the colour of uncertainty is gray.

Allow me to end with an example, and an extremely relevant one at that. All of us have seen a rose plant, haven’t we? Now, when we look at the rose plant, we find roses and there are countless as well. We admire roses because there are thorns in it. Had there been no thorns, roses would’ve been just like any other ordinary flower. Now, we have a couple of choices to choose from:

“Either we can complain that the thorn-bush has roses. Or, we can admire that the thorn-bush has roses”. We can choose either of the two but we must note that we’ll have to accept the roses along with thorns.

Lastly, as far as loyalty is concerned, even the colour of loyalty is not black or white but gray because astoundingly, the colour of truth is gray. Once, I tried to draw lines with white on a white sheet of paper but they were not visible. Then I tried to draw black lines on a black sheet of paper but they were also not visible. But interestingly, when I mixed black with white, It gave me a greyish sort of colour with was visible on both the sheets of paper.

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