I guess all of us have seen various films and documentaries dealing with the ever so sensitive subject of prostitution in India. When we think of a brothel, the first image that comes to our mind is that of a poorly lit room with traces of darkness all over it. Allow me to quote an incident I came across while crossing the New Delhi metro station.

I’ve heard people talking about the red light district near GB Road. I believe most of us have heard about that place. It is a Street that overflows with traffic and countless pimps trying to arrange clients for prostitutes and devilish stares from males of all ages happens to be a common sight. The street provides you with a largely bifocal view. The lower section houses a market for sanitary wares whereas the upper section is lined with women peeping through windows. It is quite disheartening to see women welcoming hypocrisy and dirt with absolutely no judgement whatsoever and that too, just for the sake earning a few hundred bucks.

The street is not at all safe for women, perhaps because the whole idea of paid sex seems to have turned the shame filter off in men. Women in the area can be seen walking cautiously with their shoulders drooped, eyes pointing downwards, towards the ground, in an attempt to avoid eye contact.

The area happens to be crowded with female prostitutes. All the men in the area seem to be blinded by their sexual urge. The world we live in is so cruel and insensitive. Men aren’t bothered about anything other than gaining sexual pleasures. This feeling of excessive male lust is exactly what ends up dragging poor underaged girls into the vicious circle of poverty, prostitution and drugs. Men must have what they need. There is no one stopping them from having what they want. Men aren’t bothered about anything else.

I forgot to tell you that the red light area near GB Road also houses a school. Ah, some of you may find it hard to believe. The school is run by an organization called Kat-Katha, it’s an organization started by a couple of women, Gitanjali and Ritu. The school can is viewed as a ray of hope in a vast sea of endless darkness.  Children ranging from 9 to 21 are taught here. For a majority of those who study here, the school happens to be a way out from what they think is a largely unchangeable future.

At around 3 PM in the afternoon, the brothels start filling up. Most women look busy. Most women whom you’ll get to see in the street resemble the typical stereotypes we see in a typical Bollywood film. The walls of some of the brothels can be seen decorated with pictures of deities from all religions. The oil lamps in front of the deities are said to have never extinguished. Well, this is what people say.  The crowded brothels have men of all ages waiting eagerly in order to satisfy their ‘hunger’. Sorry, I couldn’t think of a better word to address the situation.

The degree of  the eagerness with which men wait for their turn can easily be compared to a pack of hungry and restless wolves waiting for their prey to come within striking distance. This makes me realize that youths in our country are so curious about the opposite sex and that curiosity often turns into an obsessive disorder which eventually takes the ugly shape of sexual frustration. Healthy relationships between males and females are often viewed as something unacceptable by those having primitive mindsets. So, it won’t be wrong to say that the youths in our country have no avenues to develop what is called a positive attitude towards sex and the opposite gender. These stares are the stares of lust and desperation and what we are witnessing is this desperation being unleashed and that too, in the most horrifying way possible.

The irony, the river of lust keeps on flowing through GB Road. Outside the GB Road, it flows discreetly but flows all the same.

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