Arnab Goswami, the nation’s heartthrob and the Editor-in-chief of Times Now TV channel has been facing the heat for quite sometime now. For the past many days, the poor guy is being tossed up and down like a rag doll. To be very honest, I won’t like to go into the depths of the issue and comment over it. Well, I am not at all trained to do that. Commenting on the ongoing JNU controversy would be worthless.

Journalists in India have this habit of sensationalizing an issue just for the sake of gaining mileage and TRPs. I would urge all the people who seem to have gone against Arnab to use their brains, their godforsaken brains. The Indian media, for a very long time has had this habit of setting a useless agenda.

When Kanhaiya Kumar was arrested, some TV channels started shouting that Kanhaiya belongs to a very poor and underprivileged family and for that very reason, the guy should not be arrested. Well, if someone is poor and underprivileged, does he, in all fairness, have the right to go against the country by indulging in anti-national activities. That’s a ridiculous logic, isn’t it?

Furthermore, why is the media fraternity sympathizing with Kanhaiya? It seems like Kanhaiya Kumar  is being victimized deliberately. This so-called victimization of Kanhaiya Kumar seems to have grabbed quite a lot of eyeballs. Ah, let me shift my focus on Umar Khalid, the self-proclaimed atheist. My question is quite simple and it goes as follows:

“Why on earth are you not facing the trial if at all you are innocent Mr. Khalid?”

If shouting anti-national slogans don’t make you traitor then I would certainly like to know what on earth will label you as a traitor.

Moreover, there’s another theory running in favour of the students which states that they are nothing but students and therefore the Modi govt. shouldn’t harass them. These anti-national movements are extremely dangerous and are bound to take an ugly face either sooner or later. I get a feeling that the students aren’t mature enough and if they aren’t mature enough then they should not be allowed to cast their votes. We must make them surrender their voting rights. Let them complete  their education first.

Coming back to Arnab Goswami’s tale, the reason behind his thrashing is the fact that he tried to unravel the threads of hypocrisy. Unlike other journalists, Mr. Goswami refrained himself from giving a spicy angle to the story. Something like ” Kanhaiya Kumar is poor” and stuff like that.  Arnab is said to have played a video ( not verified) showing JNU students shouting anti-national slogans. Websites and blogs started taking Arnab Goswami to the cleaners. Arnab fired back with facts and is said to have sent a legal notice to that particular website.

Ah, let us just hope that the issue does not intensify further for it’ll only add to the misery of Students and Arnab alike. Let us take the nation as a whole. We need to understand that dragging people into precarious waters won’t do good. If incidents like the ongoing JNU row keep on showing their face one after the other, our country is bound to turn into a bloody battlefield.

 I, in all fairness would like to believe that our country, which is considered to be a democratic republic is fast turning into a nest of radicals. We need to put an end to this mayhem, for once and for all.

To draw the curtains on the issue , Every day, I leave my home in the morning, hoping that people just can’t get any more insensitive and dumber and every day I discover to my utter shock that I’ve been proven horribly wrong.

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