Do marriages really matter?

I’ve just celebrated my 22nd birthday on the 24th of March.  I’m eligible to marry someone if I want, although I have no intentions whatsoever of marrying someone, certainly not in the next four years or so.  This reminds me of G.B. Shaw, yes the person who penned the book Cashel Byron’s Profession. Shaw once said ‘Perhaps the greatest service that can be rendered to this country and to mankind is to bring up a family’. Well, we need to agree to the fact that bringing up a family helps to strengthen the society because in this way parents pass on their values to their children and the cycle continues. Continue reading “Do marriages really matter?”

Team India: The firm favourites in their backyard…..

As the world Twenty20 dawn on us, the expectations and hopes are soaring yet again. Just a few days to go before the twenty20 extravaganza unfolds in India, speculations have already started erupting on who will be crowned this year’s Twenty20 champion. The twenty20 format, as we all know, is more like a gamble so it is quite difficult to predict a winner. Nevertheless, with the way the Indian team has been performing in the shortest format of the game recently, hopes have been kindled in every Indian fan. Well, there are other teams like Australia, New Zealand and the West Indies who happen to be excellent in this format. But some amount of rationale dictates that team India is the frontrunner to reclaim the title they had won in its inaugural edition. Continue reading “Team India: The firm favourites in their backyard…..”