Nowhere to go……

A few days back, I read a short story written by Jack Finney. The story was titled ‘The third level’. The protagonist of the story is a guy named Charlie. No, not Charlie Sheen. The story deals with the ever so serious problem of growing insecurity in a common man’s life.  There’s a paragraph in the story which claims that the modern world is full of fear, war, worry.  The years that followed WW II were undoubtedly full of insecurity and uncertainty. It was a time when anybody and everybody was bound to be insecure. Continue reading “Nowhere to go……”

The cries, the hauls and the tribulation..

Bomb blasts, suicide attacks, plane hijacks and political unrests. I guess all of us must have read stories and newspaper articles related to the ever so serious problem of terrorism, not only in India, but all across the globe as well. The equation is quiet simple, a suicide bomber blows himself up in a supposedly remote town in Iraq, some people die, others are maimed and injured, national plans are made, then investigations are conducted, suspects are interrogated etc. We barely seem to go through the anniversary of one event, when another strikes. In this way, this traumatic cycle continues, unabashedly, relentlessly. Continue reading “The cries, the hauls and the tribulation..”