For the sheer charm of Test Cricket……

I still remember waking up at around 5am in the morning in order to watch the first ever day-night test match between Australia and New Zealand. Test cricket is undoubtedly the true essence of the game of cricket. I remember watching the video footage of a game played during the 1970’s between India and England at Lord’s, the great cathedral of the game of cricket. I remember watching Sunil Gavaskar walking out to open the innings for India. There was a unique sort of charm in Sunny’s batting. The orthodox pulls and hooks along with some expansive cover-drives, Gavaskar’s batting used to be studded by some of the finest textbook strokes. As the red cherry swung there in England, Sunil Gavaskar’s bat was no less effective.  Continue reading “For the sheer charm of Test Cricket……”

A ride to remember…….

I’ve graduated from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) and the institute has been successful at doing what my father could not get me to do for almost 17 years at school i.e. getting me to step out of my house in public transport. I’ve enjoyed numerous rides in the largely crowded Delhi Metro. The institute is located near The Hauz Khas Metro station. The JNU campus happens to be nearby. During my brief stint at the institute spanning 8 months and 22 days, I’ve had the privilege of traveling through public transport.  Traveling using public transport allows you to be independent and at the same time allows you to think and act with a lot of maturity. Continue reading “A ride to remember…….”

Fat and furious…..

A true story to begin with:

I’d like to quote a real life incident before I start bombarding you with those silly views and opinions of mine. Once, a very good friend of mine, who is fond of eating burgers and pizzas, barged into a KFC outlet near the MG Road Metro Station. He ordered an eight piece chicken bucket worth INR 495. He ate as many as 6 gigantic pieces of chicken. I gave up after eating a couple of them. I happen to be a simple eater, with a craving for  ‘Ghar ka khaana’, homemade food that is. So, this friend of mine ate 6 pieces of chicken all by himself. This incident, in particular, happened a couple of years ago and today, my dear friend weighs somewhere closer to 85 Kgs. He’s  a chubby guy with a tummy that tends to bulge out every time he walks or runs. Continue reading “Fat and furious…..”

A game of deception……

In my opinion, politics is more of a mind game than anything else. The supporters and the well wishers of almost all the political parties have this habit of flooding the social media circles with Scandalous, fake and malicious posts in order to frame their rivals. In response, those framed, would expose these charges as scandalous misinformation if not anything else. I, in all fairness, would like to believe that this process makes the masses realize that messages posted over various social media platforms cannot be trusted without verifying the facts and figures. Continue reading “A game of deception……”

Right out of the glass furnace…..

Ah, traveling in the Metro happens to be quite a challenge in Delhi. The Metro, as one would expect, happens to be flooding with people throughout the day. Countless unknown faces keep on boarding and deboarding the Metro. The Rajiv Chowk Metro Station, for most of the day, appears just like the ever-so-busy Heathrow Airport with people coming in and going out.
Continue reading “Right out of the glass furnace…..”