A true story to begin with:

I’d like to quote a real life incident before I start bombarding you with those silly views and opinions of mine. Once, a very good friend of mine, who is fond of eating burgers and pizzas, barged into a KFC outlet near the MG Road Metro Station. He ordered an eight piece chicken bucket worth INR 495. He ate as many as 6 gigantic pieces of chicken. I gave up after eating a couple of them. I happen to be a simple eater, with a craving for  ‘Ghar ka khaana’, homemade food that is. So, this friend of mine ate 6 pieces of chicken all by himself. This incident, in particular, happened a couple of years ago and today, my dear friend weighs somewhere closer to 85 Kgs. He’s  a chubby guy with a tummy that tends to bulge out every time he walks or runs.


Well, this reminds me that people have a lot of work and the time available to them is less. So,I can afford to say that people don’t have enough time to look after themselves. Office goers like me are fond of fast food like burgers, chips etc.taste more than nutrition is what the majority of people today are concerned about. It’s a trend and more than that, a guilty pleasure to which modern-day Indians like me were introduced to by our parents during our childhood.

Fast food, which is easy to cook has an alarmingly high amount of saturated fats contained in it which increases the cholesterol levels in adolescents. Cholesterol is the root cause of diseases like hypertension ,heart ailments,high blood pressure etc.these foods also don’t have any nutritional value.

What’s cooking?

Antioxidants like B.H.A. and B.H.T. which are used in these foodstuffs as flavoring  agents are harmful for health and cause various health related problems especially in teenagers which may hinder their growth. Caffeine is present in almost all soft drinks. Well, to be very honest, fast food is hindering the growth and development to quite an extent in children and we just can’t do anything in order to counter it.

Big MNC’S like McDonald’s and  KFCs of the world, for that matter, just don’t accept their mistake of selling , or rather recklessly advertising,unhealthy foodstuffs. And, in all fairness, why would they?They are bound to lose business deals worth billions and billions if they accept the mistake on their part. In today’s fast paced world packed/processed food items like noodles and French fries have become quite  popular amongst the masses.

A game of deception:

“Fast to cook good to eat” happens to be the line written on the wrappers and packets containing these processed foods ,but the truth, however, is that these foodstuffs contain processed ingredients which are the prime cause of high blood pressure and obesity. Liberalization of industries post 1991 opened the doors for these MNCs  selling  fast food to enter into the Indian market. And, I don’t know how on earth has our country managed to become a country of ‘couched potatoes’.

Fast food chains are humongous,billion dollar business houses. The only thing they’re concerned about is profit maximization. The more the sale, the more is the profit. The world we live in is a big rat trap which offers us baits in the form of these tasty and luring foodstuffs. Oh, did I just get a bit carried away?

What do we want?

 It is up to us whether we want a diseased life where we become fatty couched potatoes or we want ourselves to be hale and hearty.Children must be encouraged to  undertake physical exercises.( Easier said than done in an age of smartphones)

Teenagers should consume a protein rich diet. Parents should now become strict and should stop their children from consuming junk food. Consumption of fruits and raw vegetables should be encouraged. Eating during T.V. hours should also be a big no.small steps like these can prove to be extremely helpful in minimizing the problem of  obesity, so that a person can lead a healthy and happy life. After  all “health is wealth”.( Ah, what rubbish? Who cares?)

What I want to say:

Ah, statements like these have become just like those holy verses from ‘The Geeta’. Almost everyone whom you may come across tends to deliver an extended lecture on health and fitness if he/she catches you eating a spicy chicken Kathi roll.  I’m tired of reading such useless write ups asking teenagers to refrain themselves from eating out recklessly at the KFCs and Domino’s of the world. Teenagers don’t like it when something is imposed onto them.

On a sarcastic note:

I don’t want to act like a preacher and nor do I want to deliver those useless lectures asking people to become health conscious. All I’d like to say is: just minimize the consumption of burgers and pizzas because if the situation slips out of hand, then you won’t be able to savour the taste of burgers served there at a Dunkin Donuts outlet. After all, not all of us are as lucky as Adnan Sami, the big,fat Pakistani singer who weighed 200 kgs and miraculously lost 120 kgs…..


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