The human race is surely the most deceptive race in the world. For most part of history as well. The human race has always tried to impose his superiority on other living organisms. A Human being, with his thoughts and his actions has always tried to overshadow other forms of life. A human has always wanted to rise above the stature of god and control the forces of nature.

The forces of nature are indomitable and cannot be controlled by man. It is the god who has created nature and not the man who has created nature. With the passage of time, man even tried to impose his supremacy on other human beings. This is where a human being started telling lies.

In most part of history as well, there have been numerous instances where  human beings have tried and in many cases, succeeded in their attempt to enslave others. Initially physical force was used to enslave and then to rule. Hitler tried physical force and the power of the gun to conquer the world but failed. The British colonized almost half of the world by the virtue of their gun but eventually lost their hold over the world. It is here that the world realized that you cannot win over the masses with guns and tanks. In order to enslave people you need to manipulate and win their trust. It is like a butcher asking a goat to get slaughtered by claiming that there is  a far better life after death.

Human being started manipulating the facts in order to fool other people and to rule over them. In broader terms, people lie under two circumstances. Firstly,when they want to conceal something which they do not want others to know and secondly, when they want to rule over others.

Many of you would certainly disagree with me but my belief keeps on growing stronger by the day that the entire concept of god has been brought into existence by humans beings. People are born with deformities and disabilities, yet god is believed to be a savior.  People face hardships and atrocities, yet god is believed to be a symbol of  never-ending hope and optimism

Forget about all these arguments for a moment. I’d like to divert your attention to one of the biggest ironies in the entire human history. And the irony is: ” The word lie sits right in the middle of the word believe. Lies have become such a necessary evil these days.

Truth, on the other hand is a clear and straight forward presentation of facts which depict reality. Truth has the power to change perceptions, truth has the power to win beliefs. At times people resort to telling lies simply because they fear something.Truth acts as a foundation stone for relationships to foster and prosper.

A relationship that rests on the pillars of trust, love and honesty stands firm during the hours of uncertainty. Truth is like a mirror, it shows us the true picture, but a majority of us end up calling the mirror cruel because we refuse to accept the truth. Some of you might say that I’m trying hard to substantiate my claims by stealing some creative ideas from Sylvia Plath’s poem titled: ” The Mirror” and,in all fairness,I have stolen it in a way.

I’ve read this poem almost a 100 times if not more. The poem puts light on a very simple message that mirrors showcase the truth, pretty much untouched either by joys or by sorrows, but people find it a mirror’s reflection harsh and cruel. Well,  that is the biggest problem with the modern-day world, people do not have acceptance power. We need to be at peace with just about everything that we come across in life, but it is easier said than done.

It is time we realize that truth is the cornerstone of our life.  We need to accept it in the nick of time, but, to be very honest, accepting something requires quite a lot of courage. Truth and acceptance power give us the power to clear ourselves. So, it’s time we speak the truth and move on in life. Because lies soon turn into regrets.


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