Gone are the days when people used to write a 1000 word long love letter in order to express their love. I’d like to believe Romeo, the famous lover in William Shakespeare’s romantic play Romeo and Juliet, the son of Montague, the Patriarch of the house of Montague,  must have written somewhere around 10,000 love-letters to Juliet, his beloved and the 13 year old daughter of Capulet, the Patriarch of the house of Capulet. Love used to be a relatively simple affair in those days ( I’d certainly like to believe that loving someone was far less tricky in those days than it is in the 21st century).

The reason why I’m saying this is because people didn’t have platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook to communicate. Lovers used to meet face-to-face ( By just a matter of chance I’d like to believe)  rather than meeting on  a social media platform like Facebook. So, I can afford to believe that love at first sight must have been a lot easier in those days than it is today.

Romeo wouldn’t have had the privilege of texting Juliet  over WhatsApp at 2 AM in the night. Today, boys and girls have this habit of proposing while texting  @ 2 AM in the night and most of  those conversations must have ended on a sour note with the girl replying ” Hatt Pagal” ( get lost, you idiot). Bwahaahah 🙂

Today, most of us (boys and girls alike) have this habit of sending WhatsApp messages in order to strike up a conversation with the person they’ve fallen for. The moment they’re done with the usual hellos, they start firing darts at the receiver. All of this happens to occur in an extremely quick succession.

I’ve seen romeos (not the roadside ones ) who follow this habit gifting expensive apparels to their girlfriends. Well, to be very honest, I too gifted my friend ( not girlfriend) a Platinni roller ball pen after shelling out some 250 bucks from the stipend I earned while working for The Economic Times. Morons and geeks like me, aren’t popular amongst girls. Well, that was the only time when I had the privilege of  gifting something to a girl. It was quite an achievement for me.


I’ve seen people spending thousands and thousands of bucks in order to impress their girlfriends. I, in all fairness, would like to believe that no gift, absolutely no gift on earth, is enough in order to make your girlfriend happy.

There used to be a time when lovers used to wait till eternity in order to propose. Sorry, I couldn’t find a better word than propose in order to address the situation. Love has evolved quite a lot as and when compared to the era when Romeo and Juliet was published (way back in the year 1597). There’s a popular meme that’ll explain the situation. The meme is as follows:

“Aaj yaar, kal bimaar, parso pyaar

Uske baad takraar aur saari mehnat bekaar

Aakhir  mein: ek aur Devdas @ beer bar :)”

The English translation goes as follows:

“Today friendship, tomorrow I’ll be down with fever, day after tomorrow, we’ll fall in love

After that we’ll end up quarreling and consequently, the entire effort will turn out to be an exercise in futility.

So, at the end of the chapter, we’re bound to see yet another Devdas (  Romeo in the Indian context) sitting there in a malt shop, trying extremely hard to forget his beloved by drowning deep into the depths of liquor.”

Coming back to the supposedly romantic conversations we encounter on WhatsApp , the feeling of love has undergone a complete makeover. Today, love is written as Luv. So, in a way, and on an extremely sarcastic note, loving someone has become quite a difficult task in an era of break-ups and patch-ups.

‘Kifayat ke zamaane mein mohabbat karna asaan  nahi’

Break-ups and patch-ups happen to occur quite frequently these days. Love, in all fairness, has become more of a publicity stunt.

Suppose, there’s a boy who dates a girl. Both of them go to an expensive restaurant somewhere in Connaught Place, say Rodeo. After the lunch date is over, both of them exchange kisses( Don’t laugh when I say they kissed, it’s quite usual these days). After some days of inactivity, both of them part ways  and life just keeps on moving. Everything happens way too quickly.


Well, there used to be an era where lovers used to wait till eternity in order to reunite and reconcile with their beloved. I still remember Shah Rukh Khan screaming ‘Paro- Paro’ at the top of his voice in the Bollywood flick Devdas.

I really love watching the likes of Shah Rukh Khan ( Devdas) and Ranbir Kapoor ( Rockstar) romancing on-screen. Passion has to play its part if you’re in love. Love can’t be and shouldn’t be like those useless porn movies, 10% content and 90% guilt. Hahaha.

So, I think I’ve said quite a bit and any further arguments on this issue would turn out to be futile. To top it all, I’d say: ” The spelling of love has been truncated to luv and there isn’t a problem with that, but the entire feeling of love and being love has to stay there till eternity. I mean, you can’t just keep on changing girlfriends and/or boyfriends one after the other. This is something that keeps on adding to my worry.

“People just don’t believe in holding onto the person they love”

One thing about love is quite certain:

If and when you fall in love, there are two things to be kept in mind:

“Either that feeling of love has to engulf you completely or you need to remain completely untouched by it. ” and

 “Love does not have gray areas attached to it”

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