Demonic Taboos….

Qandeel Baloch was a name that popped up while I was surfing the internet a few days back. I didn’t even have the slightest of ideas about who she was or what she did. When I clicked on the link, I could see a 500-word long news story saying that the girl had been murdered by her brother in the name of ‘honour’.

I opened a new window on the browser and quickly typed her name. I went through some of her material posted on the internet and was quite surprised to see some of her ‘supposedly controversial pictures’. I could notice a flood of comments below one of her pictures. A lot of people had expressed their sorrow over the girl’s death. Continue reading “Demonic Taboos….”

Seeking acceptance…..

To be very honest, I’ve spent a majority of my life as a people pleaser. As a teenager, I was an annoying student, who always preferred sitting alone. I was quite popular with the other students. Ah, not because I was the stud of the class, but because I used to help people complete their assignments. I used to do all of this just in order to please my peers in the hope that this would make them love and respect me. Continue reading “Seeking acceptance…..”