Set in 2029, the film follows a largely dystopian plot. Dr. Charles Xavier’s school is in ruins. He and Logan (Wolverine) hide near the Mexican border. Logan does odd jobs in order to keep his body and soul together. Additionally, he seems to have aged greatly as his healing factor has begun faltering. Gabriela, a nurse, asks Logan to escort a girl named Laura to a place called ‘Eden’ in North Dakota. Things turn nasty when Reavers come into the picture. Would Logan be able to safely escort Laura to North Dakota? The answer isn’t that hard to find.


The film’s story keeps you hooked and guessing. It has that element of suspense attached to it. Logan and Laura’s journey through Mexico unfolds a lot of secrets. James Mangold keeps the story tight and gripping. You won’t find flaws in the overall storyline. It’s fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, deep and packed with a lot of punches. There’s a lot of bloodshed (thanks to Logan’s claws). Above all, the film does absolute justice to the ‘Wolverine’ mythology. Mind you, it’s not for the faint-hearted.

Rating ****/5


You don’t really need a review to tell you that Logan (Huge Jackman) is the star of the show. Logan is Jackman’s last film as the iconic Wolverine, and the actor has packed a solid punch. Jackman has got under Logan’s skin. Well, it has to be said that Jackman had saved his best for the very last.  Dafne Keen as Laura done a splendid job. The 11 year old actress has complemented Jackman really well. Keen comes out as one of the many bright spots in the film.A sense of rawness on her face adds to the girl’s charm. Stewart as Charles Xavier plays a vulnerable old guy in his 90s. He has been given limited screen space, but has made the most out of that. All in all, Logan rests heavily on Jackman’s stunning potrayal of Wolverine.

Rating: ****1/2/5


Marco Belrami, known for composing music for this film called Max Payne, has collaborated with Mangold yet again, and the collaboration has delivered the goods. Music plays a huge role in adding to the overall excitement. The film’s music pumps up your adrenaline and leaves you spellbound.  Logan’s music has that element of mystery and darkness (haziness) attached to it. All in all, it’ll leave your heart hopping and jumping. Well done Mr. Belrami.

Rating: ****/5


The stakes are always high when Jackman plays Wolverine. James Mangold knows how to direct a solid action flick. It takes a lot of skill to direct a high-class action film, and Logan is perhaps one of the best examples of how to direct an action film. There’s a lot of action and you’ll never be able to have enough of it. The action sequences are just about perfect. The director is the actual star of film. There is a lot of blood, a lot of action, a lot of excitement and, a lot of entertainment on offer. The way Logan’s deep, dark persona has been brought to light speaks volumes about the director’s ability. Great job Mr. Mangold, you’re too good.

Rating: ****1/2/5


So, to top it all, Logan’s a winner, undoubtedly. Jackman’s stellar performance leads from the front. You don’t need to be a die hard Wolverine fan to enjoy this one. The action sequences leave you astonished. Logan breaks a lot of bones, sheds a lot of blood and delivers a lot of promise  . Wolverine’s fans can’t afford to miss it. Watch it for all the excitement it has in store. The bottomline is: Logan is a fitting farewell to an actor of Jackman’s stature.

Overall Rating: ****1/2/5

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