A common Delhi guy’s love for coffee and tea is the foremost reason behind the emergence of Starbucks and Café Coffee Day. Forget the big coffee chains for a moment, a countless number roadside kiosks emerged out of nowhere because of our love for chai and coffee.

A die-hard chai lover like me can do anything to have a hearty cup of tea after a hectic day at work. While at work, I have this habit of ordering tea from Chaayos twice or thrice a week. Half my salary is spent eating out. For a teetotaler like me, Chai/coffee is the ultimate drug. It is not just a guilty pleasure, but also a way of stealing time.

We, as individuals, like to spend some time away from the ‘so-called’ pressures the life has in store for us. Consumption of tea has been documented in the likes of epics such as Ramayana. One good thing about Chai/Coffee is that these beverages can be found anywhere and everywhere. From college canteens to roadside kiosks to branded outlets like Chaayos and Starbucks, Chai and Coffee are all-pervasive. A cup of Chai helps us relax even in the direst of circumstances.

Coffee houses in India are making their presence felt. I remember going to the United Coffee House in Connaught Place. It is one of those places that end up taking you back in time. There’s something about the United Coffee House that pulls me towards it. One thing I really appreciate about coffee shops is: they’re generally associated with subtle, peaceful and sophisticated conversations.

Whenever I manage to take some time off work, I have this habit of rushing down into the basement to grab a hearty cup of tea. My hour for tea is half-past four and let me be honest, my cup of tea waits for nobody. Having a cup of tea is nothing. It’s just a preferred way of seeking a transient refuge from reality.


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