It certainly would not be wrong to say that the humble momo occupies a special place in our day-to-day life. Youngsters such as myself appease our growling stomachs by making our way to a nearby kiosk selling momos. Delhi’s love for momos has already been well documented across several social media and blogging platforms. There are Momo Festivals being organised, like the one that kicked-off in Ansal Plaza, South Ext, New Delhi a few months back.

The rise of the momo isn’t just limited to momo festivals. Kiosks and stalls selling a wide variety of momos are making their presence felt throughout the city. These stalls have taken the city of Delhi by storm. Looking at the incredible growth of momo joints in the city, one can easily assume that the stalls selling momos in Delhi are way more in number than those selling Aloo Tikkis and Paanipuris.

What Makes the Momo So Popular?

Of late, momos have become more than just a go-to snack for a common Delhiite. A smoking-hot plate of momos along with some sizzling hot chilli sauce and mayonnaise is way more than just an evening snack. Some of you might disagree, but for people such as myself, it happens to be a way of stealing a few pleasurable moments from the river of time. It is a way of throwing your fears and worries to the wind while savouring the taste of this humble snack. It is a way of taking out time and experiencing the ‘bite-sized’ pleasures of life, like literally.

Furthermore, it is really surprising to see that at a time when fried foods such as the samosas and the pakodas were ruling the roost, a steamed snack came as a breath of fresh air. It was way ahead of its time.

Also, the fact that momos are way cheaper than Kathi rolls and sandwiches happens to be a no-brainer. Not many can afford to spend nearly a 100 bucks daily to get their hands on a plate of mouth-wateringly delicious Kathi rolls. Under such circumstances, where a feeling of perpetual melancholy engulfs us on not being able to spend frequently on rolls and stuff, momos come to our rescue. They’re cheap, they’re tasty, and most importantly, they can be eaten quickly and without much fuss.

Plus, momos aren’t heavy. You can enjoy momos quickly without letting anyone know. Momos are light and won’t make you feel like skipping dinner.

Who cares about Hygiene?

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that one should not care much about health while satisfying the taste buds. If you happen to be health-conscious, don’t eat momos and stuff in the first place. If you are ‘daring’ to eat fast food, keep your health excuses at bay. I remember buying momos from a roadside kiosk just outside the Janak Puri West metro station. Also, The guy running the kiosk sells momos while sitting next to an open drain. And people can be seen swarming the place.

Spicing up the Winter

A cold winter evening is certainly incomplete without a plate of smoking-hot momos. Foodies would agree that momos have become a comfort food during winter, much like Maggi noodles. It offers a way of spending a few light-hearted moments with friends. Gossips get spiced up with momos.

The innovation and Experimentation
Our dear momo has undergone quite a lot of change over the years. Momo joints keep experimenting with newer types and kinds of fillings. For instance, I came across a stall selling Maggi momos. This happens to be the best thing about momo. While its fillings keep on changing, the level of satisfaction derived remains more or less the same.

Long Live the Momo
Momo, the undisputed ‘King’ of street foods, has come a long way. Coming right from the streets of Nepal, it has found a place in our plates, and not to mention, in our hearts as well. Despite all the negative chatter surrounding the snack, it keeps making its way into our tummies. So, just buy a plate of momos and let your taste buds run wild.

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