History is often showcased through a lens of sentimentality for it to sound relevant to the present generation

Sanjay Leela Bhansali has become controversy’s favourite child these days. His latest offering Padmavati, a fictional reconstruction of the life of Rani Padmini, is finding itself in troubled waters. The film is facing widespread violent protests in the northern parts of India. Over all these years, art has generally been the softest target, but the present wave of unrest has surpassed all acceptable limits of fair criticism.
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The Indians are keen to rekindle their bond with county cricket in England

It certainly won’t be a hyperbole to say that the game of cricket undergoing significant changes right from the advent of day/night test matches to the countless franchise-based Twenty20 leagues popping-out every now and then. It is a time when national loyalties are fading away and test match cricket has for the country has taken the backseat. Continue reading “The Indians are keen to rekindle their bond with county cricket in England”

Murder on the Orient Express: An old-fashioned detective thriller to take you back in time

Director Kenneth Branagh is here with a lavish remake of Murder on the Orient Express. The film is an adaptation of a novel written by Agatha Christie.  Detective thrillers are known for their jumbled plotline, unanswered questions, a significant breakthrough, and above everything else, a considerable degree of solemnity and thrill. Branagh’s latest offering is a blend of all these elements and to put the icing on the cake, Branagh, who also plays Hercule Poirot, succeeds in stealing the show with his calm and sophisticated demeanour and an old-school moustache. Read on to know more: Continue reading “Murder on the Orient Express: An old-fashioned detective thriller to take you back in time”

Twenty20 and the rising cult of freelance cricketers

There was a time when having an illustrious cricketing career was all that mattered for a cricketer. Back in the 1990’s and the early 2000s, if cricketers didn’t have a successful international career, it used to be the end of the road for them. It was a time when playing cricket for the country was on top of a cricketer’s priority list. It was a time when test match cricket dominated the international cricketing scene and it was a time when pride was way more important than money. Continue reading “Twenty20 and the rising cult of freelance cricketers”

You learn so much out of failures…

“If you’re mentally unhealthy in the first place, it’ll definitely affect your body. The first thing you need to do is to accept it, and go through the difficult part thinking it’s a part of a much bigger scheme of things.”

Confidence is often considered a precious commodity. It is something only a few people are born with. The rest of us are left wishing to get a taste of it.

Confidence, in all fairness, is not a fixed attribute. It is a fickle companion. It depends significantly on the thoughts that fly through our mind and the decisions that are taken by us. It is an age-old fact that the beliefs we hold and nurture, help us in directing our actions and shaping our mindset.

I still remember the day when an interviewer asked a question that caught me off-guard. Well, he asked me when do I feel confident?

Now, this question might appear quite straightforward on the face of it, but the answer isn’t all that simple. Everyone has a different definition of confidence. A majority of people believe confidence is an external characteristic. However, if the entire concept of confidence is deconstructed, we’d find three words that form the essence of confidence. These are self-belief, security, and trust.

I must also discuss insecurities because a lot of us are surrounded by them all the time. On a personal note, uncertainties have got the better of me on quite a few occasions. Cramming a pile of godforsaken notes on the eve of my semester exams was one such situation. I used to find it extremely hard to control my nerves  I guess all of us can understand this. Studying for long hours is something that stresses me out. Then, there are social interactions. I feel like no one cares to be my friend and that only my family knows me because people aren’t bothered to know me enough to see me as myself.

But despite insecurities, I feel confident enough. And sometimes, it’s good to have insecurities about something as important as work, because those insecurities make us work harder.

I believe all of us have a unique story to tell. The degree of hardship varies. There are struggles, and challenges. I’m sure there are ups and downs as well. There are things we would have liked to have done differently, things we’re proud of. All of that is a vital part of our story. Instead of getting bogged down by the struggles and hardships we are subjected to, we must learn to embrace them.

The game of cricket has taught me quite a bit about adaption. I’ve learned a lot of lessons through cricket. One such lesson I’d like to share is a lesson on adversity. In life, we aren’t given a lot of liberties or guarantees. Our stories may be different, our hardships may also be different, but there’s one common link in all those stories. All of us, at some point in some way, shape, or form, are bound to face some kind of adversity or atrocity. All of us have gone through adversities, and the thing that inspires us to keep on moving is the belief that despite hardships, we’d succeed.

To keep on moving despite limitations is as inspiring as it can get. That is a huge accomplishment. Because of all the adversities we face in our lives, we’re left with countless decisions to make. Should I continue?  Would I lose belief in myself if I continue?

The biggest problem we face today is, we start things and we leave them midway.  That goes for all of us. What I feel is people can have belief in themselves and finish what they started. Whatever we come across in life ends up shaping our mindset and opinions. Sometimes, situations and circumstances don’t really go the way we want them to go, but that is exactly where we end up learning our lessons. We need to make sure that we finish what we’ve started. Once you’ve finished something despite limitations and drawbacks, you’d be proud of it when you look at it in the times to come.