Having survived 100 days without work, I can definitely say it’s really difficult for a workaholic like me to sit aimlessly at home doing nothing. I can tell you I crave for the contentment and exhaustion of a long and fulfilling day at work. I’ve been spending sleepless nights writing one application after the other, writing the same things over and over again.

Finding myself unemployed, I can tell you it feels a bit too incongruous at first, but once you accept it, it becomes easier for you to deal with it.  Redundancy in life means (for me at least) that you have time for yourself. You have plenty of time to think how your life became so complicated. Redundancy tries you and after going through the ordeal, you become stronger. Being unemployed also means I am not prone to hateful propaganda that most people working in the corporate sector are subjected to.

There’s a common belief that those who are unemployed are unwanted. I remember being unemployed for a little over three months. The worst time for me was when I used to wake up in the morning. I used to hesitate while leaving my house. I hardly had a chat with people. I was too embarrassed to tell people that I had resigned from the job. Initially, it used to be a sense of shame. I used to feel much like a weed, completely unwanted.

During one of those long chats with my father, who has been a constant source of strength and motivation, I got to know that a large number of people in their early 20s tend to leave their job as they fail to adjust. Others leave it because they’re tired of being constantly victimized by office politics. Well, I must confess I am not at all comfortable with all these political ploys happening around me. Although I know it quite well that if one needs to succeed professionally, then he needs to keep his head down and bear the heat thinking it’s all a part and parcel of a much bigger scheme of things.

He further told me as a working professional, he had changed as many as four jobs within a year before getting an offer from one of these embassies in Chanakyapuri, a place where he’s been working for close to 30 years.

We also talked about the wider problem of unemployment and the rising number of unemployed people in the country. He told me that being unemployed is better than finding a job that does not provide emotional satisfaction and fulfillment. It is here that my agony began to slack. Unemployment is something many working professionals want intentionally at times in order to plan the future course of action for themselves and their families.

When you’re unemployed, you can take out a lot of time for yourself. You can actually sit there in peace and recollect all the jumbled thoughts that keep floating in your head. Locking yourself up in a dingy room for hours, days,and weeks can make you feel emotionally unfit and unhappy. It is advisable to talk to people in order to freshen yourself up. If it’s possible, you can even talk to a couple of your closest friends and tell them about what’s going on in your life. Keeping things to yourself ends up adding to the stigma of being unemployed.

Coming to terms with unemployment is undoubtedly difficult, but you shouldn’t let it undermine the opportunity to earn back your life. You must also recognize that being unemployed is just a present state of affairs and not a character failing. Talking to people can actually help you realize that not all people are judgmental. The more trustworthy people you talk to, the better you’re bound to feel as an individual.


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