Staring deep into her eyes, I wanted to drown
A multitude of thoughts flew through his mind
As she began to frown

A faint smile escaped her lips, as she untied her hair
His eyes lit up at this moment, he gave her a stare
Words fell apart, it was all so quiet and calm
He assured her that he meant her no harm

The breaths became heavy, as she threw herself on the bed
His fingers running all over her body, exploring the crests and troughs
One moment it was gentle, other other moment it was rough

He began untying the knots, nakedness was real
Cold sweat began running down her tummy,
Everything was exposed,
and nothing was left for her to conceal

As he unbuttoned his shirt, the hair on his chest were visible
Looking at his bare skin, she felt helpless, but not miserable
And just then, their bodies met
like air meets fire
Emotions were running riot
And, all that could be felt was desire

Sweat came rolling down,
off his forehead
Onto her stomach
Sloppiness had never looked so beautiful

Their hearts skipped a few beats
With eyes closed, their breaths met
And the lips came closer,
And they lived a thousand moments in a single breath


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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