Looking at you,
I realize that there’s something
You’re hiding,
behind that mysterious smile of yours

Looking at you,
I realize,
I’m looking into a mirror
Unbiased, truthful

Everything is just as it appears to be
Without distortion, without manipulations
It’s clear, all of it at once

There’s an enigmatic charm,
that brings us closer
Your eyes narrate stories
Of love, friendship, fear, war, and worship

A melancholic melody
Easy on the ears
Like a song hummed softly
On a cold winter morning

Quite often, I run out of words
And all my attempts to describe you
Turn out to be an exercise in sheer futility
It is like holding a cube of ice in your fist
And then staring at it in utter disbelief
As it melts…

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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