Trudging along the snowy path
With countless stares tearing him apart
Those eyes, those stares,
remind him of the steel-cold winter
And of glass, of broken shards

Shouts of Moslem and Paki piercing his heart
And those frowns are no less than darts
Killed, butchered, slaughtered, go the news headlines
Framing his men for unknown crimes

Peculiar sights etched in the mind
The world,
as one would expect,
has never been kind…

All he has ever asked for
Is a normal life
Away from the shadows of
Terrorism, poverty, hunger, and communal strife
Is it too much to ask for?
He seems to be shaken,
Right to the core
And his self-respect seems to be snatched, taken

But despite all the tribulations
And the countless human rights violations
He continues on his way
Countless defamatory chants greet him every single day,
but he has nothing to say…

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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