There’s eternal beauty in your eyes,
but the world thinks it’s a lie
I just can’t take my eyes off you
I don’t know why

We stood there for hours
And yet, neither of us could speak
A few silent whispers escaped your lips
While both of us lay silent, roared aloud the passing shower

There’s a thread which kept us together
In days bright and sunny, as well as in inclement weather
As I held your hand, you began to mumble
Right at this moment, our hearts began to crumble

It’s a turmoil, but not a never-ending one
Moist eyes want heat and light
It’s cold, and it’s white
Our sky doesn’t have a sun

“Your love brought me back from the coffers”, she said
As she finished saying this, her eyes turned red
I want to tell her what those words did to me
I fell in love with her all over again, can’t you see?


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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