It was like holding a butterfly,
Beautiful and full of life
When I held you in my arms
For a moment there
I felt complete, I felt joyous

When our bodies met,
I felt a rush going through my body
And I wanted to melt away in your arms
Like a candle melts away
After it embraces fire

When I closed my eyes
I could feel you as you laid beside me
I could feel  your cheek on my shoulder
And I was aware of the pleasure it gave me

Our bodies met, like air meets fire,
To give rise to flames
And all cautions and worries were thrown to the wind
For a moment there, everything appeared complete

And then, out of nowhere, the splendour began to end
The dream broke, and my body began stiffening up
Everything began disappearing, my body began to freeze
Memories began to crumble
Like broken shards of glass

I could hear you breathing
What a wonderful dream it was
as our bodies met,
For the first and the last time
And then you bid adieu

 Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


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