As I lay in bed, with your arms wrapped around me
I couldn’t think of anything apart from thee
When the heavens opened, the earth, in its entirety,
succumbed to the soft-falling shower.
As we lay beside each other, my heart skipped a beat
I guess it symbolized latent power

Overflowing streams of thought overpower me
As I think of you, with a thousand inked pages
Lying in front of me
At yet, not a single word has the power to describe you,
because you’re a spirit, completely untamed and free

Today, when I hold my pen between my fingers
I tend to realize that you’re quite a humdinger
You made me write what was untold
It lied there, in the coffers,
So cruel and cold

Whenever, in the shackles of ignominy, I am caught
Pieces of you overthrow the clutter
It is here that memories begin to return
And curtains of darkness, thick and suffocating
Begin to burn

Again, as I lay in my bed,
with a thousand fragments of unspoken thoughts lying beside me,
I look into your eyes
which have, after a long night, become heavy and red
You count up to three
And, as always, a piece of you flies into me

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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