Four Short Films Made by Students Which Deal With Social Issues…

That films are an integral part of our life is no hyperbole. Cinema, because of its wider reach and accessibility, is no less than a mirror which helps us reflect on a host of issues that the society comes across.

The likes of social media platforms such as YouTube have allowed amateur filmmakers and students to come forward and voice their concerns regarding anything and everything under the sun.  From blood donation to physical disability to the ever-growing problem of child abuse, countless videos are being churned out by students in with an intent to mobilise public opinion and bring about a desirable change.

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Addressing the Severe Lack of Sensitivity…

The video of Zomato’s delivery guy eating food from a parcel meant to be delivered went viral on social media in December last year. Zomato, the food delivery giant, was quick to react and sacked the guy for tampering with sealed food parcels. After the delivery guy was sacked, the company was quick to clear its name and tweeted ‘we take food tampering very seriously’. The incident ended up attracting a lot of eyeballs for a week or so,  but the buzz around the incident eventually died down.

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Alsamt (Silence)

Lips stitched
tongues flipped
It’s painful
The violence,
But even more so,the indomitable silence

Blood, tears, and coffins
All of these have been seen quite often
Never-ending, much like a vicious circle
A single hit, and all of our wounds turned purple

As all of us wept
A giant boulder was kept
On our shoulders
And none among us could bear its weight
All of us, once again, just sobbed and wept
After a few among us had ‘slept’

Shattered glass,
Countless broken shards
Greet us, as we make our way into the valley
All of us gather to crosscheck the tally
As silence engulfs the vicinity
It’s all pervasive
The violence,
But even more so the indomitable silence

Not long ago, we were told
That people hold love in their heart
Right to the core
But it breaks my heart to know
That the world runs on war

All of it is never-ending
The violence,
But even more so the indomitable silence…

On a Cold Winter Evening…

Running away from a dismal night
Staggering down a lonely, frozen track
Out of nowhere, began those silent screams
Shrill and stark, overpowering the sky, vacant and black

Sorrow flows out of the sunsets
Eyes, colder than the winter rainfall
Unlikely to move, with bodies and souls stiffening up
Ruins of a love long forgotten echo,
Taunting the merry memories of a season gone by

Throughout the poise, shivers travel in
The sensation of broken trust strolls all the way across
Within the cold rink every thought has shrunk
In a world where once existed hope

The lost time crumbles like an avalanche
Dreams of a warm and bright summer are about to end
Way deep and down inside
Leaving traces of snow behind each step

White overpowers the golden array
And I fear the colour would never show
Leaves turning pale yellow, all because of the falling snow
Unbearable silence begin crippling my ears

It never rained, those were all tears
Behind the dazzling, deep eyes
It was winter and they weren’t together
It’s winter again and love seems to have frozen

Rioting thoughts see sadness taking hold
Driven by relentless months of cold
And winter blues dwell on winter past
Dampening hopes, this weather will last

A ruined love song flows through my mind
Lips are bleeding, the voices have frozen
Courtesy  those venomous kisses
A sad winter’s tale…
Picture Courtesy; Pinterest

Life Cycle…

To whom does this body belong?
I don’t know whose body is it
It’s the same old story,
be it night or day

I seem to have forgotten the world
or has this world forgotten me?
my mind is running riot; I’m baffled
From where is this smog rising?

My mind seems to be flooding with forgotten memories
I don’t remember anything
It’s a flood of broken memories
I seem to be losing my mind

What are these memories turning me into? (A hideous, crimson monster)
I can’t escape
I’m losing myself
It is a nightmarish dream
that keeps haunting me while I sleep

I see my body lying motionlessly in an ocean of grief
All my words are lying in disarray right in front of my eyes
Hollow bodies, fragile and mortal
Floating aimlessly like dead weights

Our bodies are wilting away like dead leaves
Exhausted, depleted, and lost
I vanish into thin air
To return, in another form…


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

Nostalgia, Sorrow, and Everything in Between…

For many years, the state of Mumbai was known to dominate the Indian first-class cricket. Not long ago, the state of Mumbai had produced some of the finest cricketers who have gone on to represent the national side. Be it the legendary Sunil Gavaskar or the tiger-eyed Dilip Vengsarkar, or the great Sachin Tendulkar, the state of Mumbai ruled the Indian domestic circuit right from the early 1970s up until the early 2000s. As far as the numbers go, Mumbai has won the Ranji Trophy, India’s premier first-class competition, a record 41 times, but of late, the emergence of the cash-rich Indian Premier League is luring the youngsters to play for franchises while ignoring first-class cricket. Continue reading “Nostalgia, Sorrow, and Everything in Between…”