Running away from a dismal night
Staggering down a lonely, frozen track
Out of nowhere, began those silent screams
Shrill and stark, overpowering the sky, vacant and black

Sorrow flows out of the sunsets
Eyes, colder than the winter rainfall
Unlikely to move, with bodies and souls stiffening up
Ruins of a love long forgotten echo,
Taunting the merry memories of a season gone by

Throughout the poise, shivers travel in
The sensation of broken trust strolls all the way across
Within the cold rink every thought has shrunk
In a world where once existed hope

The lost time crumbles like an avalanche
Dreams of a warm and bright summer are about to end
Way deep and down inside
Leaving traces of snow behind each step

White overpowers the golden array
And I fear the colour would never show
Leaves turning pale yellow, all because of the falling snow
Unbearable silence begin crippling my ears

It never rained, those were all tears
Behind the dazzling, deep eyes
It was winter and they weren’t together
It’s winter again and love seems to have frozen

Rioting thoughts see sadness taking hold
Driven by relentless months of cold
And winter blues dwell on winter past
Dampening hopes, this weather will last

A ruined love song flows through my mind
Lips are bleeding, the voices have frozen
Courtesy  those venomous kisses
A sad winter’s tale…
Picture Courtesy; Pinterest

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