Oh, this Travelogue
Is a travelogue of all the scattered questions
A varied narrative of the pains and longings I have gone through
It begins with hope,
And ends the moment I see you
Oh,  this travelogue

The Moments I thought had been lost
Were lying there, deep within my soul
It is a narrative of all the answers I seek
I’ve taken countless steps, attempting to reach your heart
You too, take a step forward
So that we can make the ends meet

A never-ending travelogue of thoughts
A travelogue of unspoken words hidden within indomitable darkness
Time, which can neither be held,
Nor can it be revisited
A travelogue,
Containing countless love stories (such as this one)

Oh, this travelogue
A varied narrative of the life I have longed for
Across time and space
With some hidden text written between lines
A travelogue of all my journeys
An account of all my adventures
All of them began from you,
And will end the moment I meet you

This travelogue,
A chronicle of all my escapades
These aren’t merely fictional accounts
All of these echo my search for you

Through all my journeys
I try to unearth the happiness
Of being with you
in sickness and in health
In life, and in death

To find you, I’ve walked through  barren lands
But couldn’t find a trace of you
Still wandering from door to door
It’s turning out to be an unending search…

Adapted from Lucky Ali’s song titled ‘Safarnama’

Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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