Being an introvert can be quite tempting. The best part about being an introvert is that you end up getting a lot of time to think about yourself. You can organise your stuff, read books, do something creative, etc., etc. The possibilities are endless. Also, being an introvert helps you keep your mind channelized by getting rid of countless cluttered thoughts and opinions. To be honest, channelizing the mind becomes quite a daunting task if you have 10 people chatting around you simultaneously.

But, being an introvert isn’t all that easy. It is fairly easy to be misinterpreted by people while you speak, but silence, at times, can also be misinterpreted. Some might think you are egoistic while others might think you are shy and do not like socializing and getting along with people.

This is a problem I faced during the days of graduation. I have been an introvert for the most part of my life, I must confess. I did not choose to be an introvert just because I am shy, but also because I am a person who won’t speak if there’s nothing worth speaking and/or sharing.

Back in 2013, when I was a 19-year-old chap pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, life used to be quite uncomplicated. College days were no less than a honeymoon.  Neither were there any deadlines and nor did I have anybody breathing down my neck, waiting for me to complete a bunch of godforsaken assignments. Back then, the skies were clear and thunderstorms were nowhere to be seen.

The reason I feel my life was sorted back then is that I was an introvert and not a people’s pleaser. I used to spend a lot of time watching films and reading books instead of going to cultural festivals and get-togethers.

On the academic front, I was quite an annoying student. I used to ask a lot of questions. I didn’t have many friends and my interactions with the opposite gender had been disastrous. While others were busy smoking weed and cigarettes, I used to attend all classes and complete all the tasks allotted to me within the pre-defined timeframes.

Not much of it changed after I completed my higher secondary. My powers of introversion continued to serve me well. I could hardly get along with anybody. Some of you might find it hard to believe, but for me, striking up a conversation with anybody ( even a friend) happens to be quite a tedious task. Out of shyness, I used to give college fests and get-togethers a skip. I didn’t even attend the convocation ceremony.

I was seen as a cold-hearted, awkward, and shy individual. As a student, people used to find me sitting on the first bench. While others used to gossip, I used to be busy copying notes and completing assignments.

Moving on, as far as popularity is concerned, I must admit I was quite popular throughout the college. Ah, not because I was the most handsome guy one could ever get to see, but because I used to help countless ‘poor souls’ during assignment submission. I remember a day when as many as 14 blog posts were churned out by me within 6 hours for a godforsaken blogging assignment. Those 14 blog posts dealt with 14 different social issues and were written for 14 different people. Such was the efficiency and speed with which I used work back then.

When I started working for one of the financial dailies in Noida as an intern, the introvert in me grew stronger. I could hardly strike a conversation with any of my colleagues. 90% of my time at work was spent editing and uploading news stories on the company’s website, while the rest of it was spent writing random blog posts. Gone are the days when life used to be a cakewalk

The reason I feel there’s no harm in being an introvert is: You aren’t bothering anybody with your silence. As an individual, all of us have the right to choose when to speak, how much to speak, and with whom to speak. Also, not speaking frequently and being misunderstood is much better than speaking frequently and getting into an unnecessary argument.

A point that needs to be taken care of here is that being an introvert does not mean that you should refrain from talking to people. Getting along with people and close friends is something that helps all of us rejuvenate ourselves after a long and busy day at work. As far as I am concerned, being an introvert was more of a personal choice for me. It has helped me stay organised while keeping the clutter at bay.

One thought on “There’s No Harm in being an introvert…

  1. With due respect to your views, i am a little apprehensive of calling being an introvert a choice. I think you are born with a basic personality and can only be what you are. As introverts, we are able to spend time with ourselves because we are like that and not because we choose to be.
    The choice would probably be when we want to portray ourselves as something that we naturally aren’t.
    And definitely, there’s never harm in being natural.. What counts is being comfortable with the way we are.
    Don’t you think so?


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