Mismanagement, incompetence, and chaos seem to have engulfed the Magadh University, where students are protesting against the management. The protests revolve around the management’s inability to conduct annual examinations. According to reports, the university hasn’t been able to conduct annual exams for at least a couple of years.

The 2016-19 batch wrote its first year exams in January 2018 (which were also delayed). No exams have been conducted by the university since January 2018. As protests against the university management are gaining momentum, angry students have taken to YouTube in order to vent out their anger. Students claim that these delays are set to extend the duration of their undergraduate programmes.

In a YouTube video posted by a Magadh University student, the sorry state of the university has been brought to light. Students claim that they have been trying to approach various government offices in the state for over a month, but their attempts have been in vain as nobody is ready to listen to their woes and grievances. Furthermore, students also claim that their request to launch peaceful protests against the delay have also been rejected.

There’s anguish, there’s hopelessness, and there’s incompetence wherever you look. There are some students who claim that they haven’t written even a single exam in more than two years. Students can now see their future prospects getting delayed because of the university’s inability and incompetence.

A public notice posted on the university’s website has intensified the protests further.   The notice states that the university won’t be able to conduct the examinations this year around as well, owing to the upcoming general elections.

Magadh University is a public university recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). Currently, the university is controlled by the government of Bihar. It has as many as 44 constituent colleges under its control. Also with 24 postgraduate departments, it is Bihar’s largest university.

Abhishek Kr Gupta, a  student who aspires to clear the UPSC said that he has been preparing for the entrance exam for quite some time now, but has been left dispirited after his bachelor’s degree exams got postponed. “I will not be able to take the UPSC exams this year because of the delay,” he said.

“This affects our careers and our lives,” a student was quoted as saying.

To add insult to injury, no one from the university management has commented on the delay. Students claim that all their pleas and requests have been falling on deaf ears thus far.

This is not the first time that something of  this sort has happened in the state of Bihar. A couple of years ago, the Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University had forgotten to get the papers printed.

The future of so many students is at stake, but the college management hasn’t made an effort to rectify the problem. With the future of so many students hanging by a thread, it is time for the public sector authorities to intervene and get the students out of troubled waters.


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