Uncovering the Layers…

Beneath that skin of yours,
there’s a lot more than just blood and veins
It is all kept under the wraps
The tribulations, the agonies, the pain

Layer after layer, I try to unwrap you
Much like a gift box
All of it is nothing but a hoax
Staring deep down into your gleaming eyes
I return empty-handed,
completely outfoxed

I start again,
Putting two and two together
But all of it ends up being in vain
All I can figure out is,
you’re ruffling my feathers

An effigy melts, much to my dismay
For it wasn’t supposed to end this way
I wanted to separate bran
But sadly, all I was left with was hay

You’re made of glass
Of countless broken shards
Some blood trickles down
Out of nowhere
And I see myself falling like cards
You’re way more than what meets the eye
A stream of questions within the body of a firefly
Reasons and conventions are getting dull
And all that is left is an abominable lull..


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest


Home, they say, is a wonderful place
The warmth, the love, and the sweetness
Never-ending streams of laughter engulf you
All of ‘us’ stay together. How peaceful

But, it’s all an illusion
An unending illusion
War, disease, terror, and a myriad of problems
Is the only  truth that remains

Burning, everything’s burning
Houses, stables, farmlands
All of it explodes like a volcano
It’s not ‘warm’, it’s scorching hot
We can’t breath

All that was dear, has been lost
But all is not lost
The land we belonged to
Has been caught in flames

The place, the land, the rivers
Not important. It never was
It’s about our people
And what they want


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest