I’ve kept my feelings at bay

For I always feared they’ll be blown away

I’ve already  said quite a lot

And now, there is nothing left

Neither for you to hear and nor for me to say

You tell me innocently

That our time has come and gone

And now neither of us can get it back

I don’t believe you

This is where you are completely wrong

The distance between both of us

Happens to be nothing more than time lost

Distance is the place for your feelings to hide

Our plight is like a coin having 2 sides

You don’t talk to me, yet I can hear your voice

We don’t talk, yet our hearts end up making a lot of noise

When it comes to loving you

My patience has no ends

I have no notion of loving people by halves

And neither would I pretend

There were times when both of us wanted to talk

Yet words never came

There were times when we needed to understand

But all in vain

I tend to sleep with my arms cradling my body

Trying to hold myself together as I lay

Trying to reconcile

But all my attempts seem to be ending in total disarray


But these threads of enchantment are still entangled in my fingers

Untangle those threads

For we share the same soul

With the only difference being

That yours is  made of diamond

While mine is made of coal


Picture courtesy: Pinterest

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