Beneath that skin of yours,
there’s a lot more than just blood and veins
It is all kept under the wraps
The tribulations, the agonies, the pain

Layer after layer, I try to unwrap you
Much like a gift box
All of it is nothing but a hoax
Staring deep down into your gleaming eyes
I return empty-handed,
completely outfoxed

I start again,
Putting two and two together
But all of it ends up being in vain
All I can figure out is,
you’re ruffling my feathers

An effigy melts, much to my dismay
For it wasn’t supposed to end this way
I wanted to separate bran
But sadly, all I was left with was hay

You’re made of glass
Of countless broken shards
Some blood trickles down
Out of nowhere
And I see myself falling like cards
You’re way more than what meets the eye
A stream of questions within the body of a firefly
Reasons and conventions are getting dull
And all that is left is an abominable lull..


Picture Courtesy: Pinterest

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