A raw charm and engulfed me
She looked lively
A soul wild and free
It flew out of my hand
Before I could count up to three

Heaven and hell are superlatives
It was something in between
Moments ago, it was real
Right now, it’s just a dream
Nothing has changed
Everything remains the same
A slight prick, but a lot of pain

Breaths were getting heavier
And the world was turning upside down
It is no longer scorching hot
Within four walls, I am no longer caught

A fond memory was stolen
My heart had started bleeding
Eyes too were swollen

I was caught
Within glass walls
You came and broke them all
Gigantic, strong, and tall

And then, our eyes met
You were right beside me
Moments later, you were gone
I felt cold, perplexed, and alone

Just then, the splendour ended
I woke up
And was left in a state of despair
After you vanished into thin air…

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