Sergio Aguero and the art of going all guns blazing

Manchester City’s forward line rotates around one man, i.e. Sergio Aguero. At present, it is impossible to think of Manchester City FC without mentioning Sergio Aguero. He is one of the club’s most-consistent goal scorers. The club has been decimating oppositions in recent times, and Sergio Aguero has been in the form of his life for quite some time. The Argentine has been scoring goals at a rate of knots in the Premier League. He is the second-highest goalscorer in the 2019-20 Premier League season, behind Leicester City FC’s Jamie Vardy( as of Jan 30, 2020).

Picture courtesy: Pinterest
Picture courtesy: Pinterest

The defending champions are placed second, 19 points behind Liverpool. (Jan 30, 2020). Well, that is because they didn’t get off to the best of starts this time around. In September last year, they went down against Norwich (3-2). Wolverhampton defeated them in October (2-0), and Liverpool made them bite the dust in November (2-1). The lads from Etihad have witnessed as many as five defeats in 24 Premier League games this season (as of Jan 30, 2020). Consequently, they are sitting 13 points behind Liverpool.

But they seem to have found their mojo, and Sergio Aguero needs to be thanked for that. The Argentine goal machine has been finding the nets quite regularly these days. The moment he senses a scoring opportunity, he wants to grab it with both his hands. He believes in decimating the opposition. Drawn games don’t excite him. He sets foot on the ground in order to win. That is the way he plays.

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The Gamechanger

The good thing about him is: he knows his game. He is well aware of his strengths and weaknesses. Well, his technique isn’t flawless, but it is effective. The moment he takes possession of the ball, he wants to create scoring opportunities. If the team wants an equalizer, Aguero is the first one to put his hand up (most of the time). If he’s going through a purple patch, then he can score goals at will. Manchester City FC have been dominating the Premier League for quite some time. There happens to be a wide gulf that separates them from their neighbours in recent times. Aguero’s ability to score under pressure has been a major reason contributing to the team’s success.

The fighter, the Samurai

Sergio Aguero doesn’t come from the land of Samurais, but his attitude happens to be quite similar to that of a Samurai. Time and again, he sets the stage on fire with his ‘killer instinct’. He wants to create an impact by winning games. The quality of the opposition’s defence lines happens to be of little importance to him. If he’s going through a purple patch, then nobody, not even the heavens above, can stop him. People have often criticized him for being way too aggressive, but aggression happens to be the Argentine’s secret ingredient. Aggression is what separates him from the rest. Here is a lad who lives by the sword, and one has to say, dies by it.

The go-getter

Pressure situations tend to bring the best out of the Argentine. Throw a challenge at him, and he wouldn’t die wondering. This lad from South America is a go-getter. He doesn’t shy away from shouldering responsibilities. His fans know that he spearheads Manchester City FC’s attack, often leading by example. Even if he isn’t in the best of forms, you cannot keep him out of the game.

The Million-dollar baby

According to estimates, Aguero earns somewhere close to 13 million GBP per year (well, that’s a staggering amount, isn’t it?). Some might feel that he’s being paid a bit too much, but if his ability to win matches is taken into account, then people will realize that he is worth his price in gold.

To conclude

Sergio Aguero has redefined aggression. He can win a game single-handedly for his side. His aggression turns him into a lethal weapon. He isn’t as popular as the likes of Lionel Messi and Christiano Ronaldo, but he doesn’t care much about gaining recognition. He just keeps his head down and goes about his business.

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It is important for Atletico Madrid to handle Joao Felix with care

João Félix 7 ⚽🔴🔵

At 20, Joao Felix is one of La Liga’s most promising youngsters. After enjoying a fruitful season(2018-19) with Benfica, the teenager was roped in by Atletico Madrid in 2019 in order to bolster the side’s attacking line. Atletico Madrid stood second in the 2018-19 season. Joao Felix is a talented youngster with his whole life ahead of him. Atletico Madrid wanted a long-term prospect to lead the club’s attacking line. The club wanted to infuse some energy into the forward line, and the lad from Portugal came into the side as a breath of fresh air.

A lot of promise:

He grabbed a lot of eyeballs during his time at Benfica. With 15 goals in 26 matches during the 2018-19 season, Felix ended up as the Portuguese League’s joint fourth-highest goal scorer along with S.C. Braga’s Dyego Sousa. He was bestowed with the prestigious “ Golden Boy” award in November last year. The award seeks to recognize the most promising youngster in the world of football.

The Pundits have lauded the 20-year-old for his ability to score goals under pressure. Also, his control over the ball is phenomenal. He can trick just about any defender in the world if and when he is on song. The good thing about him is: he’s young and brimming with energy. He seems to have learnt a lot during his time with Benfica.

There is a lot of pressure at Atletico Madrid
Well, things are quite different at Atletico Madrid. At Benfica, there wasn’t much pressure, but Atletico Madrid is a much bigger club. Therefore, the expectations from Joao Felix will be immense. Atletico Madrid have been performing really well. The lads from Wanda Metropolitano have been in good form.

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They stood second in 2018-19 (behind Barcelona). They were able to go past arch-rivals Real Madrid by eight points. Their recent victory against heavyweights Barcelona in the semi-final of Supercopa de Espana was greeted with great pomp and show.

We are halfway into the 2019-20 La Liga season, and Atletico Madrid stand third (on Jan 16). In 15 appearances for the club this season, the 20-year-old has found the net just twice. Well, you cannot expect a 20-something lad to go all guns blazing against the oppositions right from the word go. He needs time to get going, all of us do.

Speed and strength
Joao Felix is a genuinely talented lad. You don’t get to see such lads frequently. He can destroy the oppositions’ defensive lines within seconds. Also, his speed and strength cannot be taken for granted. No matter how good the opposition’s defence lines are, Joao Felix will score if and when he is in the best of forms. He can outplay his opponents in terms of speed. He is an able dribbler and can pass the ball with precision. Not to forget, he is an indomitable force when he counters.

Also, he is an aggressive player. Aggression is something that comes naturally to him. He is someone who can create scoring opportunities with a few deft touches, which means you can station him near the ‘D’ if need be.

The 2019-20 season

In 15 club appearances this season, the lad from Portugal has scored two goals. Well, the numbers might not be impressive, but Joao Felix’s game doesn’t revolve around numbers and stats. He believes in creating an everlasting impact. Fans, enthusiasts and supporters have witnessed bite-sized glimpses of his on-field brilliance this season, but the job is far from over. Atletico Madrid are left with 19 matches (as of Jan 16, 2020). Joao Felix needs to step up and score.

What does he need?
He needs to get along with the experienced pros in the side. The likes of Diego Costa and Alvaro Moratta are seasoned campaigners. They can teach a lot to the likes of Joao Felix. Do not field him at the beginnings. Ask the likes of Moratta and Diego Costa to set the game up. One of these two can be asked to score. Once a healthy lead is maintained, set Joao Felix free. Let him put his creativity to use. Throw him a challenge and see how he responds. Go one step at a time.

Let him express himself. The more he plays, the more he’ll get to learn. The management needs to be a bit patient. He needs time to adapt to the rigours and vigours of Spanish football. Things will get better with time.

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN - AUGUST 10:   Joao Felix of Atletico Madrid scores a goal to make the score 2-1 during the International Champions Cup match between Atletico Madrid and Juventus on August 10, 2019 in Stockholm, Sweden. (Photo by Charlie Crowhurst/International Champions Cup/Getty Images)