It’s all a bit complicated….. :)

Gone are the days when people used to write a 1000 word long love letter in order to express their love. I’d like to believe Romeo, the famous lover in William Shakespeare’s romantic play Romeo and Juliet, the son of Montague, the Patriarch of the house of Montague,  must have written somewhere around 10,000 love-letters to Juliet, his beloved and the 13 year old daughter of Capulet, the Patriarch of the house of Capulet. Love used to be a relatively simple affair in those days ( I’d certainly like to believe that loving someone was far less tricky in those days than it is in the 21st century). Continue reading “It’s all a bit complicated….. :)”

A game of deception……

In my opinion, politics is more of a mind game than anything else. The supporters and the well wishers of almost all the political parties have this habit of flooding the social media circles with Scandalous, fake and malicious posts in order to frame their rivals. In response, those framed, would expose these charges as scandalous misinformation if not anything else. I, in all fairness, would like to believe that this process makes the masses realize that messages posted over various social media platforms cannot be trusted without verifying the facts and figures. Continue reading “A game of deception……”

The ‘Free’ in Free basics comes at a price….

“Connectivity is a human right”. This is what Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has been harping since the debate about net neutrality and free basics broke out. Free Basics is nothing but a re branded, a Facebook operation whereby partnering with local telcos in the developing countries the company ( Facebook) aims to provide free internet access.  The free internet access shall be limited to Facebook, Whats App( which is owned by Facebook) and a few other carefully selected websites and online services.

Continue reading “The ‘Free’ in Free basics comes at a price….”

How online music piracy works well for the Industry….

Internet technology has transformed the world into a global village. The tools of new media have given rise to modern means of communication. The advent of social media sites like YouTube has given an all new dimension to the music industry. The emergence of music streaming websites has made it extremely easy for people to stream and download music and songs. The internet has conquered the geographical boundaries. Today, we can easily search and download international music by the virtue of a mouse click. So, it won’t be wrong to say that Internet has indeed revolutionized and overshadowed the traditional business models. Continue reading “How online music piracy works well for the Industry….”