Limerence? Not Quite…

A tale of trembling hearts
With words erupting like a volcano
Impudence isn’t there, just fragility of thoughts
I spend hours attempting to join the dots.

Can’t find words, they just erode
When you stare at me, with eyes heavy and broad
Half full or half empty, I don’t know
Are you hiding something similar beneath those eyelids?
Let me know

The moments we’ve spent together,
are both the serendipitous memory
As well as a perpetual sorrow
They were a harbinger of spring to this day
But might soon turn into a steady drizzle by tomorrow

It ain’t fragile, it never was
Neither is my love a gimmick
In fact, my love has reached a point
Where both you and I are synonymic

All my words are lying before me
Like dead weights
Soft sounds emerge from my lips
But perish before reaching your ears
Lips begin to ache
And all that remains at hand is a multitude of snowflakes…

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The Pilgrimage to Your Heart…

Words are lying in disarray,
You know what I mean, don’t you?
It is with you that I find profound solace
A place so calm and peaceful

The skies have turned murky
And moving forward is a daunting task
I have been struggling to get things going
For the path I took was insurmountable and rough

The journey is wearing me out
But I’d keep on moving
If I give up, all hope would perish
Never to return

I always knew there was a place
Later, it dawned on me that it was just a trick
Wanted an immediate answer
It hurt me immensely and I felt cheated
Despite despondence, I’d like to keep you close to my heart
My voice is falling apart
You kissed my cheek and smiled, rather nonchalantly
I realized that the journey was complete
I had conquered the final frontier…

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Qaid (Captive)


नब्ज़ चल तो रही थी ठीक से
पर क़ैद थे अकेलेपन में
जब तूने पत्थर रख दिए तो गिर पड़े
ना उठ सके

तू लम्हा वो, जो ठहरा नही
ये रात का अंधेरा इतना भी गहरा नही
माना फिलहाल तेरे करीब नही
पर ना आ सकूँ तेरे पास
इतना भी सख़्त ये पहरा नही

तेरे साथ बिताए लम्हों की दिल में तस्वीरे हैं
इन्हे देखकर लगता है की जुड़ गयी हमारी तक्दीरे हैं
पर फ़िर मुझे आता है याद
की तू है आज़ाद परिंदों की तरह
जबकि हाथों में मेरे ज़ंजीरिएन हैं

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क्या था वादा तेरा?
की हम नही होंगे जुदा
ना तो ये शब गयी
और ना ही हुई सुबह

तबाह कर दे मुझे
या टूट मुझ मे जा
क़ैद हुआ तेरी यादों में
क़ैद हुआ सौ दफ़ा

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Uncovering the Layers…

Beneath that skin of yours,
there’s a lot more than just blood and veins
It is all kept under the wraps
The tribulations, the agonies, the pain

Layer after layer, I try to unwrap you
Much like a gift box
All of it is nothing but a hoax
Staring deep down into your gleaming eyes
I return empty-handed,
completely outfoxed

I start again,
Putting two and two together
But all of it ends up being in vain
All I can figure out is,
you’re ruffling my feathers

An effigy melts, much to my dismay
For it wasn’t supposed to end this way
I wanted to separate bran
But sadly, all I was left with was hay

You’re made of glass
Of countless broken shards
Some blood trickles down
Out of nowhere
And I see myself falling like cards
You’re way more than what meets the eye
A stream of questions within the body of a firefly
Reasons and conventions are getting dull
And all that is left is an abominable lull..


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Alsamt (Silence)

Lips stitched
tongues flipped
It’s painful
The violence,
But even more so,the indomitable silence

Blood, tears, and coffins
All of these have been seen quite often
Never-ending, much like a vicious circle
A single hit, and all of our wounds turned purple

As all of us wept
A giant boulder was kept
On our shoulders
And none among us could bear its weight
All of us, once again, just sobbed and wept
After a few among us had ‘slept’

Shattered glass,
Countless broken shards
Greet us, as we make our way into the valley
All of us gather to crosscheck the tally
As silence engulfs the vicinity
It’s all pervasive
The violence,
But even more so the indomitable silence

Not long ago, we were told
That people hold love in their heart
Right to the core
But it breaks my heart to know
That the world runs on war

All of it is never-ending
The violence,
But even more so the indomitable silence…

On a Cold Winter Evening…

Running away from a dismal night
Staggering down a lonely, frozen track
Out of nowhere, began those silent screams
Shrill and stark, overpowering the sky, vacant and black

Sorrow flows out of the sunsets
Eyes, colder than the winter rainfall
Unlikely to move, with bodies and souls stiffening up
Ruins of a love long forgotten echo,
Taunting the merry memories of a season gone by

Throughout the poise, shivers travel in
The sensation of broken trust strolls all the way across
Within the cold rink every thought has shrunk
In a world where once existed hope

The lost time crumbles like an avalanche
Dreams of a warm and bright summer are about to end
Way deep and down inside
Leaving traces of snow behind each step

White overpowers the golden array
And I fear the colour would never show
Leaves turning pale yellow, all because of the falling snow
Unbearable silence begin crippling my ears

It never rained, those were all tears
Behind the dazzling, deep eyes
It was winter and they weren’t together
It’s winter again and love seems to have frozen

Rioting thoughts see sadness taking hold
Driven by relentless months of cold
And winter blues dwell on winter past
Dampening hopes, this weather will last

A ruined love song flows through my mind
Lips are bleeding, the voices have frozen
Courtesy  those venomous kisses
A sad winter’s tale…
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